Feeding A Hungry Alpha Female

Sometimes you gotta feed yourself.  The chef is gone, the restaurant is overbooked, the boyfriend is cranky.  So what do you make?  Well, I came across this really nice snack idea for Bananas & Cinnamon Tortilla on Glamour.com.  Tried it a few times and it is tasty and quick.  I’m a foodie and always hungry, and it’s also filling.  I suggest waiting till the bananas are really ripe.  To avoid hunger pangs, keep this in the kitchen:

1) Bananas

2) Tuna Fish (love the canned ones from Trader Joe’s)

3) Avocados (spread on toast for breakfast or a snack is yum)

4) Salsa and Tortilla chips (blue corn chips are my fave)

5) Laughing Cow cheese (you know why!)

I don’t have much else for you today.  So much is going on around me, but eat and be merry!


  1. Miss Andi K. says:

    I think I’m gonna add advocado to my quesadillas. I also def plan to make the cinna-banana tortillas this weekend. 😀

  2. Ooo, this looks good.

    I LOVE simple food that’s not too fussy. One of the best things I ever ate was a Grilled Cheese sandwich with avocados, tomatoes, and pineapple from “The Bashful Bull in San Francisco. Fabulous little diner.

  3. Andrea Ortiz says:

    Glad that you have a lot going on! I am sure its all good too! This sounds like a yummy recipe. I also like to make black bean, corn, and cheese quesadillas with yucca fries when I’m all alone. 🙂

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