WTF Fridays: Talking About It vs. Being About It

You know, I cannot stand it when somebody tells me what they want to do or gonna do it.

They say it in a way like it’s a far off dream.  Like it’s a hope, a flicker in the sky.  Do you hear the violins in the background?  My point exactly!  If you read my bio you know that I live like I got, so therefore, I have.   That is one reason I stopped going to church.  So much talk about what you can be, can do, this and that.  Just do it.  Here’s my secret to my six figure lifestyle.  I created it before it was even a reality.  I lived and breathed it.  I dressed like it and even applied to private membership clubs like I had the $50Gs annual payment.  Eventually I did.

WTF?  Stop planning and thinking.  Just jump in.  Dive in.  Mess up.  Get up.  And you will find that you are ten miles in front of everyone else.

I did.

Simmer on that this Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. Sarystal says:

    Thats why i no longer talk about what my goals are or what i’m working on…all my close friends know i’m like a “mad scientist”…cause i’m always up to SOMEthing! Thats all folks need to know 😉

  2. Lola says:

    @La Interesting! I experienced that many times in my old past when I’d say something then as soon as somebody egged me on, I stopped it. It was too much pressure. Just do the damn thing.

  3. Lola says:

    @prncssdom I focus on the end feeling, but after a while that can get tiring, so at that point I just surrender it. Don’t be too attached to anything!

  4. LaPreghiera says:

    Its a shame you stopped attending church, perhaps it wasn’t the right one for you.
    At any rate, its been studied when people talk about what they are going to do, specifically keep telling people and they get that affirmative feedback “oh, good for you” “good luck”- the brain emits endorphins that gives them the sensation that they have actually accomplished something – when they haven’t – and causes people to continue putting it off cause they’ve already “achieved” the desired result.
    So I definitely try to keep big dealings close to cuff til completed. Nothing to it but to do it, then testify about it later.

  5. prncssdom says:

    Speaking of acting like you don’t need it whatever it is you desire, what do you focus on if you want to attain a specific goal? In order to focus, you need to give that very thing you focus on attention, right???

  6. prncssdom says:

    I love all your posts. You really get me thinking. It’s refreshing to see your type of perspective; it gets my brain juices flowing.

  7. Lola says:

    There were and some of them you may already know about if you’ve been around this blog for a while. But what I did was just put myself out there when I have nothing to lose. Like when I applied for the expensive ass country club and know I could not afford it. So what if they rejected me, I didn’t NEED it. It was fun to play like that! Until finally, some time later they invited ME. I didn’t have to ask. I just say go for it call that person send that letter write that email and just see what happens. Folks take life too seriously! Really!

  8. prncssdom says:

    I totally agree with this article. I know I can be one of those people who talk about wanting to do certain things but never following through out of fear. How do you keep yourself motivated to get what you want, Lola? How did you go about pursuing your dreams? Were there certain practices, rituals, etc…?

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