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WTF Fridays: So Common

Well, they can’t blame Desiree Rogers this time.

Aren’t “poets” supposed to be controversial?  Who wants to listen to a poem about lillies in the wind for more than 5 minutes?

First Lady Michelle chose a nice array of poets, including Common.  I think it’s some people’s worst nightmare that one day Michelle will have an all-out “Freaknik” in the White House a la Jones Beach 1997, with barbecued chicken and fried rice for everyone.

It was either Kanye or Common.   I bet it makes more sense now!


  • Amimah

    @Jim Stop listening to soundbites, think critically, & learn to view things in their proper context.

  • jim

    The right wing shouldn’t be the only one to object to Common. He’s not denigraded because he’s a poet but because he sympathises with cop killers and wants white presidents assasinated. Is that something that should be endorsed by an invitation to the WH?

  • Maryann

    LOL, oh my what did Ellen Pompeo say? If poetry is this controversial maybe I’m in the wrong biz.

  • Amimah

    The right wing has nothing better to do. I don’t know who should win the go somewhere & sit down award this week – Ellen Pompeo or the Republican talking heads.

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