Would You Leave Your Family For Love?

movingforloveI was on Twitter the other day and I asked:   If u fell in love would u move 2 a new city, leave your old family behind to marry your sweetheart? Would anyone NOT move?

I was pleasantly surprised by the responses!  Sometimes, when we ask for love, we have no control over how it comes.  Love has no boundaries or borders!  Or does it?   See some of the responses:

EricDonDivaMag@MaryannReid I would if it was necessary. My family and friends would understand

Go_Getter@MaryannReid that means it would have to be a long distance relationship at some point…I would do all that once he put a ring on it lol

Jubilance1922@MaryannReid I left all my family behind in MI when I moved to MN, then GA, & now FL, so I have no problem moving for love

nukirk@MaryannReid I’ve done it once. I won’t do it again, tho.

BookLoveHer@MaryannReid I wouldn’t move. They would have to come to me. I own my home…not leaving unless they bought me a new house where they live.

JamilahCreekmur@MaryannReid would depend on a few things: length of time dating. Career opps in new city. Distance from family. Mutual love from him. 🙂

KrystalRenee24 Absolutely….Sometimes you have to move on to make it. @core_APPLER @MaryannReid



  1. EbonyLolita says:

    I would have to be fully provided for in terms of bank acct, housing, and my name on property. A women should always be prepared b/c Men change their minds like the wind and I will not be left “assed out” over Love. Sorry 🙁 LOL my anti-spam is MOVE.
    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  2. Zabeth says:

    I would definitely move for love. But when you say “leave your family for love” that conjures up something completely different. I think you can move away from your family without having to “leave” them.

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