Checkmate! Mind Games That Win

Or do they?

I was reading Blogxilla the other day, about the mind games women play.  Some alphanistas are “experts” at this and know how to work a anybody’s mind to get what they want.  But I caution against that as a way to communicate all the time.

It’s true that men and women do play mind games with each other, but it’s no more about a game, than it is about survival.  Most of these “games” are based on fear.  Fear of being hurt, rejected, wronged, or whatever other little pesky emotional squabble you can think of.   And I don’t think these “games” are reserved just for daters, but carry out in other areas of our life, like work.  Fear is bad, fear slows you down and gives a false sense of control over the circumstances.  I may be guilty of one or two in the past 😉 Here is what I read:

1.  The Phone Game–“Women don’t want a man to think they are chasing them or clingy. Most time she’s just going to wait a few hours or a few days.”

This is true.  But that is because men have done that to women for so long.  It doesn’t make anyone wrong.  You should call someone back when you are ready to talk, not exactly when they called you.  This game can keep you by yourself though, because if you are fiddling with the phone and you really like someone, they may get the wrong message and give you the dail tone all together.  It’s so easy to move on these days.  But my motto for a good man is –consistency and persistency.  As long as he has that, we are good.  So, don’t stop calling.

2.  The I’m Not Ready Game–“Women need time to weigh the risk of their actions, so a dude should just fall back, show her the same amount of interest that she shows you.”

This “not ready” explanation increases as a woman gets older.  The more distractions and daily going ons she has in her life the less likely she is to jump at the next man who smiles at her.  This can be bad because you may miss a chance to grow.  I’ve never been about time tables, I’ve always been about gut feeling.  Do it, if you feel it.  Though you should be a person who honors their decisions, and won’t reget any sudden moves later.  This is for grown women only.  If you’re not grown, then take the time that you need, and hold the conferences with your girlfriends to make up your mind.

3.  The Grown Up Game or Sex Game–“Women like to use sex to get a man to do what they want. It’s not exchanging sex for money but it’s more like a reward for a job well done. ”

True.  Money is the root of all evil, and the precursor to the panties coming off.  Depends on how much money a man has, tho, and how genetically blessed he is.  If you don’t have money, then you have to deal with not getting any each time you mess up.  So, if a man wants to avoid being controlled by sex, it will never end.  That’s part of the fun of being a woman. Why take away one of the few things we have left? 🙂

The game list goes on.


  1. Chilawyergirl says:

    As adults no one should be stooping so low as to play mind games. I can detect that shish from a mile away. I leave those folks to play by themselves like children do.

  2. James says:

    It is based on fear, I still do it times, but the results are not what they used to be! Esp the phone game. Messed up alot there.

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