Why You Need A Rich, Older Woman In Your Life

At least one.

So much focused is place on meeting men who have money.  What about meeting women who have money?  That is one of the easiest routes to meet men who do.

Indeed, it is plentiful work to hit the scene everyday or every weekend hoping and praying that this time it is the “big one”.  The big catch.  The night that begins the rest of your life!

So much pressure.  Older, wealthy women provide great advice, resources, and good, enlightened conversation.  They always know “a friend who knows a friend”.  They are also not competition.  They will remind you of those old school feminine wiles that men will always value.  They may also give you that extra ticket to the banquet or charity event.  Here are some tips to befriend these ladies:

1)  Join a charity related to the environment, medicine (hospital), or health.  You can be a board member or just volunteer.

2)  Put an ad in the newspaper.  Most older, folks read the paper still.  You may be able to catch the eye of an older women who is looking for a friend.

3)  Shop where they shop.   Almost every town has a nice, posh store where older women shop.  Go there, give advice.  Maybe even get a part time sales job.

I had a nice, but brief friendship with an older woman who gave me great advice.  One night I was uncomfortable about attending a political charity event alone. When I told her the address, she was like “Oh, dear, that is so worth it!” She gave me tips, and when and how to arrive.  I went and never regretted it.

But be careful, they can sometimes be “motherly”.  Especially if they don’t have children or all of theirs are grown.  Set boundaries that make you comfortable.  The next time you see an old lady who needs help to cross the street, make sure you get her number 🙂


  1. E says:

    Look at women so quick to judge one another in favor of upholding the patriarchy. Let Linda have her fun. Sheesh. She already did the husband and kids thing and you don\’t pay her bills. You don\’t see men hating on one another for their PYTs. And women are so quick to pat men on the back for their dumb little observations in hopes of some crumbs. Mike don\’t want you!

  2. sarystal says:

    Great advice! There’s always value in having a much older friend…especially one with connections 😉

  3. Miss Andi K. says:

    Oh really? I don’t quite know where to meet an eligible bachelor here. But I do think that the ladies who hold the keys to society will be more approachable.

  4. Miss Andi K. says:

    Thanks for this Maryann! I will definitely be trying this out. I think this may be where I am at an advantage for moving back to Dallas for one. When I was in NYC, I had the feeling that even the older female socialites were not friendly or wanting to mentor at all.

    I am going to try this for sure. 🙂

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