Why I’d Marry Charlie Sheen

This is long overdue.  This is more about unconditional love than anything else.

Charlie is what you’d call an alpha male.

Wild, without cause, aggressive, and yes, destructive.  He’s been married several times and has five children.  But did you see those abs?  My.  There’s a thing about men like Charlie and why women love them.  The feeling of being free.  With a man like Charlie, he’s not going to waste his breath telling what to wear, what to do, what to eat.  You can fly out of the house in a purple body sock if that’s what you want.  Charlie will love you.  Charlie understands.  Crazy understands crazy.  And who doesn’t want to get crazy now and again.  It’s breathing.  It’s life.  It’s fun.

His ability to marry proves he can settle down.  That he likes women, and he wants to be good.  It speaks to his high moral nature that is struggling with his low nature.  Guess what?  He’s flesh and blood.  Not an archangel.  When he said he likes his life, and if conforming meant living “like you do, no thanks”, I respected that.  You know those men I’m talking about?  The ones who try to control, control, control.  They conform, bend, whine, and force things to make themselves and others happy.  Everyone, but you.  But no.  Men like Charlie, let you experience life, the good, the bad, and the highs of it.  Literally.  You can take your imperfect self to Charlie, and connect with his imperfect self.  Yes, ok, so two imperfect nuts is what you are saying.  Let ye, who have no sin, cast the first stone!  Nobody’s perfect.

Charlie.  No one would understand.  Because they are living life in a box, and I want to live outside the box.

Call me crazy.


  1. Zabeth says:

    Great dad? Sheen has 3 daughters, I wonder if he would ever want another man to treat his daughters the way he’s treated their mothers?

  2. SMH says:

    Interesting perspective it humanizes a person under judgment and shows another more positive side. I can respect his humanity and flaws for what they are; deal with the non-judging accepting freedom etc – and be friends, maybe even lovers but nothing more. Lots of fun put with potential to do some damage – take what you find with open eyes and do you and what honors your truth – excellent post – welcome back

  3. Nana says:

    Wow. Really? I hope this is satirical. His abs mean he has enough strength to beat the crap out of you. Ask his ex-wives. His ability to marry means he’s capable of finding women who have low self-esteem. Winning….a day of no grownups in the room. Suddenly I feel the need to hold tighter my sagacity…good luck with Carlito…

  4. Rachel Smith says:

    He is human like everybody else. So sad how we run to judge. I am sure he is a great dad, and a decent husband. He is as good as any of us!

  5. Mike says:

    Only white men get this kind of love. He would be jailed if it were otherwise. I like him. But he is dangerous to anyone around him. Why can’t Denise his ex wife leave him alone? Must be something these women really like (shaking head).

  6. thePrettyone says:

    I was waiting for this! Like Charlie, my ex was nuts. I miss him because he did not judge me. He loved hard and partied hard. Something about men like that.

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