When Your “Soulmate” Is Another Woman

oprahBy Guest Blogger Te-Erika Patterson

There you are, indiscriminately strolling through life in pursuit of your dreams.

There’s an air about you that others can’t quite understand and on most days you can’t either. You don’t fit in; you never have and you like it that way. As an adult you have come to accept the fact that you are wildly unique and you began to appreciate the same traits that others unsuccessfully tried to tame.

Life is a bit lonely though. You find that most men don’t know what to do with you and most women find you strangely exotic yet repulsive. Your ideas about life and the lifestyle you know you deserve causes others to shake their heads and feel sorry for you as though they are saying, “Poor girl. She really believes she’s something special. I wonder when she’ll wake up and realize that you just can’t have everything you want out of life.”

You don’t care. You love who are and you embrace your daily transformation. The vision is so strong and so clear that it pierces the false reality of the day and you know in your heart of hearts that everyday you are…becoming.

Becoming what? You have no idea, but the mystery is erotic to you. You wish you could share laughter and dreams with your friends yet, even those closest to you do not get it. At times you feel as though you are a princess held hostage in the wrong lifestyle and tax bracket.

One day as you are devotedly pursuing your passion you feel a tingle. Something interesting is about to happen; you can feel it. You send out an email, log onto twitter, walk cautiously into a board room or even step into an elevator and the rooms seems to spin out of control as you are introduced to her for the first time.

“Hello,” you whisper cautiously. The reply is equally welcoming. The attraction is cosmic and instant as you exchange pleasantries which lead to hopes, then fears, then expectations for a highly celebrated life. It’s as though you are looking in a mirror; a magic mirror that seems to peek into a parallel universe magnifying the brilliance of your own inner beauty.

For the first time ever you have met your match. What an exciting new existence it will be as you watch each other break barriers and accomplish things few will ever attain. She will never doubt your abilities. She will dream with you and for you when you are weary from your ascension. She understands you. She is your sister. She is your north star. She is your soul mate.

You breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve finally met her…a fellow Alphanista.

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  1. tender says:

    This is me! But I haven’t found my soul mate. Reading this post makes me believe there really is one out there for me. I didn’t know it could be boy or girl. Either one would be nice, because, at times I’m at peace in my own little world. And sometimes I feel lonely. *sighs*

  2. Aisha says:

    Wow this really touched my soul, literally! Bravo! This was beautifully written and I feel as if you were talking about me but I guess that’s what the point was LOL. Either way well done, I love it!

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