When Was The Last Time You “Thanked” Drama??


This Thanksgiving say “thank you” to the people, things, situations, jobs, etc. you don’t have.

Gratitude means being thankful for those parts of our lives that did not work out as expected.  And though we may still be disappointed, understand that every absence of a thing creates a void or vacuum that needs to be filled.  Nature abhors a vacuum. So, don’t expect that emptiness to be there for long.  Focus on the space and drawing in new opportunities.  The good and bad lead to expansion.  Say yes to yes, and yes, to no.  

What I am saying is this:  Agree with all adversaries and adverse appearances. Then enjoy your holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you know that the Alphanista Inner Circle is back for January 2010?!  This month marked the end of the first Alphanistas who ventured on this experience with me to transform their lives, challenge themselves, and take it to the next level! And the results speak for themselves.  The new cycle will run from Jan 2010-June 2010. Stay tuned for more!


  1. MJ says:

    Probably for the first Thanksgiving I pronounced my Thanks for the pains, insecurities, mistakes and hurtful experiences for this past year as I have really grown as a result of them. I went through a transformation this year it is relates to the very things that I am thankful for, mentioned above. I am thankful for running across Alphanista as this is the first time that I was to understand a portion of what I have been for sometime which is an Alpha Female. I am thankful for owning that and becoming more comfortable with that. I am most grateful for having the strength to end a relationship with an abusive Peter Pan Pinocchio. <—Never wants to grow up, always lying trying be something he's not.
    More importantly, I am thankful to tell it like it is another day…. that's been MY journey and I am Thankful for it!

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