When Sleeping With the Boss Is “Business”

Several months ago, I did a survey of 300 professional women that showed almost 64% of them have slept with their boss or thought about it.

Forty years ago, it would’ve been the way a wife meets her husband.  She’s his secretary and they spend a little too much time alone in the office.  Then they marry.  Or it may be just a way to cool off the tense moments of the busy day.  What’s a girl to do who is a natural flirt and likes to be play with fire now and again?

These days, even so much as repeated second glances can be grounds for filing a sexual harassment suit.  There’s no dating at work. If it is, it has to be hidden.  This doesn’t help single women at all.  It just makes another place where they can’t meet men.  But what better place to meet a man than at your job?  Of course, it depends what job it is, but if you’re there, it should be no problem why he’s there, too.  But let’s get back to the sex.

Sleeping with the boss can be “okay” for any one of the following reasons:

1. There’s an obvious physical attraction that you both have discussed before; it is mutual and agreed
2. You have a guaranteed written promotion filed with HR that can change your career and income tax bracket forever.  This isn’t jockeying for peanuts, but a total coup for your career and lifestyle
3. He’s pumping lots of “bonuses” in your checking acct on a regular basis, while everyone else has to wait until the holidays

Sure, folks may think sleeping around for promotion is a bad thing.  It can be, if you’ve done it all wrong.  Here’s how you mess up:

1. Slept with more than 1 boss at the same company (men talk)
2. Slept with the boss for extra transit checks (peanuts)
3. Slept with the boss because you think he may “look out for you”  (verbal agreements are bad)

Proceed with caution.  Do not try to manipulate a man or use the law in your favor.  In many cases, it backfires, leaving you jobless and black listed.  Use the law if your mental stability is at stake and you feel unsafe.  No one wants to be harassed.  If you are, definitely seek outside counsel.  This is only for the ladies who like to play “secret santa” with the boss.  Sorry, not everyone wants to be a role model for women, or has to be.

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