What We Like: Favor Ideas

I found a site called Favor Ideas when I was shopping for the series of baby and wedding showers on my schedule this summer.

This is literally one stop shopping where I can click it and forget it! Favor Ideas is so easy to navigate and I can find what I need in a matter of minutes. You see so many adorable things, it’s easy to get sidetracked and spend a bit too much. Some of my favorite items are in the baby section. Personalized hand sanitizers are all the rage right now: they’re perfect for expectant moms who want to stay clean and sanitary as much as possible. Other handy items are personalized lip balm favors that moms can use on the go … you can even slap your own photo on them. But since I have a sweet tooth, my personal favorite is the custom designer baby shower cookies. They look so elegant, and they’re chewy with drizzled icing. Mmmmmm. Ideal for a sweet snack!

Just as popular is the wedding section, which is chock-full of favors of all kinds. As for me, I absolutely adore the personalized silk wedding fans in the “Most Popular” section. They come in beautiful bright colors and are just the thing for spring/summer bridal shower on a warm day!

I highly recommend that you visit Favor Ideas for all your favor needs. If they don’t have it here, they just don’t make it!

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