Weekend Rewind: What To Do If He Is Too Big: The Real Deal


By Guest Blogger, The Hooker Chronicles

Every woman isn’t a size queen, like the hilarious character in the 80s classic “I’m gonna git you sucka”, demanding 12 inches or more.

As a matter of fact most women actually prefer a man whose penis is average size (5-7 inches erect).

I’m one of those females who prefer an average size penis, because the slightest bit of pain against my cervix interferes with my orgasms, and I’m not a happy camper if I can’t get my orgasm.  Not only does a huge penis cause pressure against the cervix, it also causes bleeding and irritating back pains.  For those of you women who just happen to have a man who’s been blessed by the penis gods, there is a solution if your body can’t handle his massive size.

First off, know your body.  Know what sensations feel good to you especially if your vagina opening and walls are narrow.  Sometimes using a vibrating toy can help loosen your muscles, so that your vagina isn’t so tense when he enters you.   A great masturbating tip to help relax your muscles is to masturbate while on your hands and knees with your butt in the air.  Gently take your fingers and stretch the walls and opening of your vagina while you’re on your hands and knees.

Here’s another great tip I recommend that doesn’t involve your partner penetrating you at all:

While he’s on his back, straddle him as if you were riding him.  Take a vibrating egg and insert it into your vagina.  Then take a good water based lube (Wet Platinum Lubricant) and saturate his penis with it.  While the egg is inside you, lean forward and gently start sliding against his lubed penis with your vagina.  As you pick up the pace, the friction from your vagina, egg and his penis will start to cause a sensation.  That’s the orgasm getting stirred up.  You may have him caress your nipples and shift his hips in a circular motion, while you do the same.  Be sure lean forward though so that your clitoris is also getting stimulated.

After you and your partner have a rhythm going, the orgasm should be intense.  Some women have asked me what does a clitoral orgasm feel like, and the best comparison I can make is like the downward descent on a steep rollercoaster.

No matter what the orgasm feels like to the individual, your actions while in the moment will be involuntary and intense.  So be sure to enjoy it!

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  1. Sarystal says:

    Thanks for the tip! Next time i’m with a “bigger than average” guy i wil definitely have to try this out!

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    Good post. I hate the BigMamaJammers. You know the guys that are hung like WOW but all they know how to do is Slam&Jam. I don’t like it and won’t put up w/that type of sexual misbehavior. Your right about 7inches is good, especially when he’s got a lil girth to him. Im on a Sahara spell but if I bump in2 another WOW I’ll try this advice. Thanks 🙂

    Love, EbonyLolita 😉

  3. @genie

    Yes, after some time and much penetration, your vagina will conform to his size. You should probably straddle him cowgirl so that you can be in control.

    Start by just putting the head of his penis in you and work it in slowly. Always use good lube though!

  4. missing_pieces says:

    Thanks for the tips THC. I have only been with a few guys and actually the guy I had my first time with was 9 1/2- 10 inches. I’ve never been with a guy smaller then 8″ .

    The problem with “cocky men” is that they assume that just their peen can get you off and that’s simply not the case for women AT ALL. That’s exactly how my ex boyfriend was, the last time we had sex-it was terrible because he knew he was big (9 inches) and he started ramming into me all willy nilly- I dumped him the next day because he had a uber annoying personality and couldn’t follow “directions.”

    I personally think orgasms start mentally first then manifest themselves physiologically, especially for women. I would rather have a guy who is average or a little bit smaller but who REALLY knows a way around a woman’s body. Now that’s a man to treasure, not some youngin with an A-ROD.

  5. Josie says:

    This is hilarious, I GUESS it could be a problem. I would use the egg anyway big or not. I dont know how those porn stars do it. Don’t expect ANY men to reply to this post!

  6. Michelle says:

    Loved this article. I am one of the women with a man that was “blessed by the penis gods”. I thought when I first saw “it”, “WOW I hit the Jackpot”…then I realized that bigger isn’t always better. After much trial and “ouches” I’m happy to say I’ve figured it out. I guess I wasn’t the porn star I thought I was…LOL.

  7. @Maryann

    Any condom will do.

    Most vibrating eggs are attached to a cord and a speed control mechanism, and sometimes the cord breaks when your pulling it out. But If you put a condom on the egg and pull it out by the condom, the cord wont break.

  8. Kamala (Kammie) says:

    I really appreciate this info without it all being technical and medical. A lot of my friends are embarrassed to admit that they cant handle a big man because the rumor is that women love it, that is NOT true. Not all women. I experience pain and tightness that hurts the both of us we finally got it right but it took time and patience now I am happier 😉

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