What Does Your Body Have To Do With It?

questionmarkGuest Blogger and Life Coach Laurie Gerber from The Handel Group chimes in. I have personally used their coaching services and can attest to fast results, not easy, but I jumped giants leaps ahead in almost every area!    Laurie life coaches clients to help them design all areas of life and one of the most popular is BODY!  Why is your body so important to success and leadership? For a few reasons:

1. When you take care of and love your body, you feel great. More energy equals more results. Plain and simple.

2. Taking care of yourself means self-respect and people can sense that. If you take great care of yourself, people will notice and admire you for it. Though we are not impressed with vanity, we are impressed with people who take care of themselves, honor themselves, and have self-discipline.

3. The body is a great place to encounter and deal with your relationship to yourself. We project a lot of issues onto our bodies and how we deal with food and exercise. Often our struggles in this area are related to our self-confidence, our past or current relationship with our parents or other family members, our upbringing, past disappointments or traumas, how we handle emotions and feelings like loneliness, fear, boredom and more. Dealing with this area to make it beautiful opens up lots of other insights that will improve your life.

4. Dealing with making your body beautiful (and remember this is about your standard, not anyone else’s) is about your integrity. Your degree of integrity is how much you can count on yourself to DO what you SAY you are going to do – like cut carbs, drink 8 glasses of water, say no to cake, etc. Body is an area which is direct cause and effect and the choice of what you put in your mouth and whether or not you exercise, is always yours. The opportunity to build the power of keeping a promise and thus your self confidence, is staggering! We recommend everyone work on this area even if they are moderately satisfied, because so much powerful ENERGY comes from being able to design and dream and then see it to fulfillment. This is the true key to happiness, satisfaction, and ultimately leadership!

–to be continued!

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  1. missing_pieces says:

    This resonates with me on so many levels. I 100% agree that self-esteem is tied in with body image- definitely more-so for women.

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