What Did 2009 Do For You Lately? Alphanistas Know…

STOP the madness...
STOP the madness....

Recently, I sent out an email to my list and asked Alphanistas “What did you STOP in 2009?”

I was impressed by all the answers! With every end there is a new beginning. See below! Maybe you will be inspired.

1.  I stopped resisting. I learned more about the law of attraction and began to let myself allow all things good (whether real or imaginary) again.

2.  Just before Christmas, I finally won orders in court, ruling that I have sole custody, and sole decision making authority in my young son’s life. This means that after four and a half years of a spiteful, psychotic ex (who has had no contact with his son in that time) forcing me into court, everytime I wanted to do something for or with my son, I now have the freedom to just do it. That is a chapter definitely over for me.

3.  I stopped saying no to social invites, and started attending as many events as possible. I’ve gained lots of new contacts, acquaintances, and experiences.

4.  I stopped being single after 9 Tuesdays.  I finished in February 2009 and am still enjoying the wonderful man I meet a month after!

5.  I stopped holding on to things and people who aren’t adding anything to my life.

6.  I stopped lying to myself and started seeking truth.

7.  Stopped being a procrastinator and doing what I say I am going to do!

8.  Stopped being a negative/complaining person.

9.  Stopped fighting my intuition and listen to it every time, even the little things it tells me.

10.  I stopped downplaying myself and my needs to appease others in friendships, relationships, and professionally. It’s made me stronger, more confident and I’ve gained more respect.

What can you add to this list?  Need some help?  Check this out asap. Don’t be left out!


  1. Deepa says:

    I’ve accidentally found your site and I LOVE it. It sapeks my language and experiences/thoughts and has much stuff around my own experiences cobbling together how I think the body (myself) works in relationship to trauma. YAY that this arena is progressing like it is and that people are talking/sharing about it. 10 years ago all there was was waking the tiger (whcih is still great, but not enough) Look forward to reading your blogs. Rachel, New Zealand.

  2. Salena says:

    I stopped spending my money as I made it, and realized that in order to see your $$ you have to save it first.

  3. lapreghiera says:

    I need to do #3, working on #5 – like as soon as I let it go from the past, they are still doing it in the present, so they prob need to be let go, huh? What if it is biologicals (i.e. family)?
    #10 as well, which is why I quit my last job in 2008.

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