Top Signs Your Baby Daddy Ain’t Gonna Marry You (in no particular order):

Carmelo Anthony and La La Vasquez (forever fiance and mother of his children)
Carmelo Anthony and La La Vasquez (forever fiance and mother of his children)

[If Your comment isn’t below, please be patient, blog is actin’ funny today] This is the short list as I am sure there are more. But when a baby daddy wants to marry, there are no guesses. It’s clear when you two can sit down and politick about it. If any of these signs are familiar perhaps its best to reflect on the matter. When I hear about some baby mamas who are furious or hurt by their nonmarrying baby daddies they want to raise hell. Don’t do that. The best “revenge” is living well.

Never take a child away from a parent as a way to get attention. If an adult is seen as able by the court to have unsupervised or even supervised visits, so be it. Stopping a man from seeing his child further isolates the baby mama and builds resentment in the child. And it’s just plain ‘ole evil. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.  Eventually, that child may dog you out on Dr. Phil.

These are just some things I picked up along the way:

1. He doesn’t live with you and your child, or hasn’t within the last 90 days
2. He has a girlfriend
3. He has moved out of state (like really, far)
4. He just has sex with you and/or only calls you at 3am
5. He wants to pay court mandated child support so the govt can deal with you and he doesn’t (no access to him for extra money anymore)
6. He introduced you to his wife
7. The kids are talking about a new “auntie” they met
8. He’s taking you to court for sole custody
9. You still holding on to that “promise” ring—the ring that promises he’ll get engaged to you that promises he’ll marry you
10. He’s still at that “construction” job

What did I miss?


  1. DonePlayingWifey says:

    12. He’s been on the same job since high school, lived with you for 5 years, you pay all the bills while he works on his ‘album’, he stopped comming home because he’s at the ‘studio’, he refers to spending time with his child as ‘babysitting’, he’s gone from introducing you as ‘my wife’ to ‘my baby mamma’ and the dead giveaway… he’s on the phone telling another woman (other than his mama) “I love you too” during movie night and you’re trying to break his jaw without hitting the baby.

  2. Finesse says:

    Baby mama status is not that cute anymore folks…he don’t wanna marry you because he don’t wanna share his scratch!

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