Weekend Read: Get Your Arse Together….Again.

Besides my own books, I read other books when I have the time. But lately, I have definitely been dragging myself around not as productive as I could be.  Especially these days with the world in such influx. That’s when I know I need a good read to feel safe and protected again, or uhm, some nice big man thighs in the bed, whatever.  Once I get my fix, I am good.  This new book, Awaken Your Strongest Self: Break Free of Stress, Inner Conflict, and Self Sabotage by Neil Fiore.  It’s really like nothing else I’ve read so far.  It’s what Alphanista™ is about–awakening the alpha-self, the leader in you, to manage your life.  The book touches on feeling disconnected or overwhelmed with our lives or feeling like we are not living up to our self-concept and performing way below the bar.  What’s different is that it says “feel the pain of staying the same.”  Now, that is something new because every other book out there is about changing the pain, leaving it behind, burning it up with the old panties in the backyard.  This was about staying in the pain.  There was an exercise about envisioning your life if it were the same–same job, same feelings, same struggles, same doubts, for the next five years.  Most people wouldn’t be happy with that because they are about forward movement. 

It doesn’t talk about discipline if you mess up, but structure, and boy do I need structure.  The book is filled with excercises and after “feeling the pain” it takes you to “feel the benefits of change.”  But way before that it breaks it all down from how we need to gather all parts of ourselves–the manager, the dictator, the procastinator, the pessimist and have them work together because they all serve a purpose and it will defeat the feeling of lonely struggle.  Here’s something else that stood out for me and I am paraphrasing: “To reach your destination in life you must sail at an angle, tacking slightly away from your ultimate goal.”  Like sailors do because they are connected to the laws of nature.  “If you’re trying too hard, you’re turning against life.”  Yup, life ain’t supposed to be hard, if it’s hard, turn around and sail at an angle.  So if it seems like you are going the wrong way, it’s the right way.  Sometimes, we won’t get there with one big swoop, but with a fumble or two.

I have to keep reminding myself of these things.  The concepts in Awaken Your Strongest Self, and I have read many, are by far the best, especially if you are weary about all the hocus-pocus books out there about instant gratification.  This is good food for anyone hungry to be make 2009 that year when it all comes together, whatever it may be.  Unlike most folks, I like planning for ’09 now, not in ’09.  If anyone buys this book, please share your thoughts with me. Or if there’s one you recommend, suggest here.



  1. Maryann says:

    Hey Tracey, My life has really changed over the last 2 years, almost unbelievable how things move, just trying to keep with the frenetic pace, and am thinking of posting video soon of my experiences to help others lead with their inner “alpha”. I hope the book helps you. I suggest only books that fit in line with what’s going on here in this blog 😉

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