Want A Promotion, Feed The Boss

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Just got a promotion after bringing her office mates a fresh batch of yellow cupcakes w/chocolate frosting. "Bitch" to many, genius to her boss

Yes, it’s one of those lesser known ways to make an impression, not just on a man, but on the boss and colleagues. Bring food to work, instead of doing work to get a promotion. It works!

Food is a natural de-stresser.  It makes the office come together like a big family.  It gets you noticed and talked about.  Because everyone will be asking, as they dab their mouths with a napkin, “Who made this?”  While everyone else is banging away on a keyboard you could be chatting it up with your boss about recipes.  And if he’s male, believe me he’s going to want to keep you around.  These days you have to be creative.

Below are some quick homemade dish ideas:

1.  Cupcakes

2.  Pasta Dish (homemade basic lasagna, baked ziti, etc)

3.  Traditional dish (ethnic foods like curry goat, empanadas, chicken, lamb, rice, etc)

4.   Fun dish (buffalo wings, chicken fingers, cheesefries, grilled cheese minis)

5.  Healthy dish (mini veggie paninis, homemade bruschetta with a fresh baquette, etc)

What else belongs on this list?  It may take a few more minutes in the kitchen (or a splurge on store bought bruschetta), but don’t you rather that than slaving away like everyone else?  Of course, you do. For more on this see Tip 8: How To Be An Alpha Female.


  1. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    Cipher, I need you to think about what you are saying.

    How is it bad character when someone uses their skills/talents/hobbies/network/family name to get what they want? Since when is it bad character to feed someone?

    Are you saying the person should be shamed for gaining favor in the process?
    (The person baking is, doing something they love, ppl are enjoying it, the person is winning others over.) Is there really any harm? I have an example, in DC there are so many ppl working for the government who are not from DC. They are away from their family base. They work long hours. The woman I referred to recipes reminded ppl of their home cooking. (Where is the harm?)

    It’s terribly unfair to assume the person is doing anything behind closed doors.

    Lastly, you talk about being the better person. To me, being the better person means settling for doing a little more than the person under you. Why would anyone occupy their time competing for last place and not soaring for the stars?

    I’m really not trying to beat up on you, really. It’s not you nor me. We have two different perspectives. Apologies in advance and I won’t call you out again.

    (Note to self…No cyber fights in 2009.)

  2. Kenya says:

    Listen, haven’t read all the post, glanced thru the original, but it caught my attention because it is the truth! I pay attention to what my boss likes, and of course I do it genuinely but when I see stuff I know she loves I pick it up. She’s a vegan and very particular so I don’t cook for her or anything like that, but I bring her popcorn (from a particular place), her favorite, she loves gourmet chips…did this just yesterday and today she called me in her office to say…that really hit the spot for me last night..it works. But with everything be strategic.

  3. Cipher says:


    What happened to character and being the better person? I don’t care how many people jump off the bridge to their undoing, I’m good. Besides what works for them, doesn’t work for everyone, especially considering we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

  4. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:


    What about the men who get promoted because of their network but aren’t really qualified? Or, the child who is put into a position with a grand title because their parent is the boss or owner? I say that to say, most of life isn’t fair so why not join the game and get recognized. There’s no indication that the woman isn’t working her a$$ off at the same time.

  5. Cipher says:

    What happens when she gets her ill-gotten promotion and is seen as a joke by her male colleagues? I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. Women are already facing a glass ceiling and there are plenty of men who believe women shouldn’t even be working, and if they are, they should be making coffee and using t&a to “brighten” up the place. I’m not saying to be a shrinking violet, but being the office cook? Shouldn’t she just stay at home and send food along with her man, instead of using the company’s resources (and money) for these events? Because trust me, she is charging her little potlucks on her timecard.

  6. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    I know women who have won some many ppl over this way. At work in particular, one was so good she started charging ppl, she got an assistant (she was an assistant herself), and she catered all of the office events. She began to leave and come as she pleased, LOL, through her I definitely saw the power of food. If she didn’t bake she’d have candy out. I agree, food will get ppl in submission mode.

  7. Mable says:

    hmmm i work in a very uptight london based investment bank, saw someone over the holidays do this and everybody is still talking about her cookies–she made a different kind every week…funny thing is she’s def been more popular

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