Virgin Monologues: Have A Sex-Free Weekend!


By Guest Blogger, Gladys Wilson

Ladies a night out on the town can be a very fun and exciting.

You get all of your girls together and you decided where to go. It can be especially rewarding after a long week of work, work, work.

Remember, for women there are several reasons why we go out. For virgins the motives are pretty simple. We go out to have fun, socialize and meet new people. We do not go out to meet men (if it happens that is a wonderful additive to the evening).  Our main purpose for painting the town is to unwind and release pent up energy.

One thing we should all remember ladies is safety first. You go with me, you leave with me. It is a small rule I have for all of my friends. I am not going to let you leave the club or concert or anywhere for that matter with a man you just met. Wait for day light, he will either still be there or gone. Either way it is in your best interest.

Some ways to have fun, virgin or just not ready for sex tonight:

1.  Wear something that flatters your figure, but does not say cheap. Looking cheap brings unwanted negative attention.

2.  Choose a club or concert that has a good reputation for entertainment. There is nothing worse than going to a club or concert and being bored out of your mind.

3.  Do remember that there are other ways to entertain yourself, like going to a jazz bar, or local restaurant with live local entertainment.

4.  Stay with the group (you can dance with guys but come back to the group afterwards).

5.  Group dances are always fun. I have met the best of characters when my group of friend and I were all on the dance floor.

6.  Do not drink if you don’t know how to hold your liquor. It looks tacky and you become a burden to your friends.

7.  Share the drinks tab, money is tight so if everyone pitches in there will be fun to go around.

8.  Do not accept a drink from a guy. No, they are not all trying to poison you or looking for payment in return. The thing is, you are out to have fun, you don’t want a guy standing there hanging around for the rest of the evening. Remember, you are not leaving with him at the end of the evening. Plus, you never know, he might want something in return.

At the end of the evening, make sure you gather all of your crew (yes even the tipsy once leaning on an eligible bachelor) and head home. I hope that you all had a fun, night and you are good for another two months or so.

See, virgins can have just as much fun as the average girl. We just don’t have the mission of meeting or leaving with a man.


  1. Brian says:

    Wow – this should be called “The C-Blocker’s Guide to Going Out”


    I’m all for the “no (wo)man left behind rule,” but come on – ladies want some d just as much as the guys want to give it to them. Don’t get in between the love, baby! 😉

  2. Gladys says:

    LOL Mike, I don’t think so.

    Deidra, you go to the club with me you leave with me. Bottom line. Oh and yes we do protect each other especially in a club.

  3. Deidra says:

    NO NO NO If my girls ever tried to step in between while I am in a convo with an interested, handsome man because THEY are ready to leave, it is OVER. I will not speak to them. That is rude and disrespectful because we are not 17 anymore. So do ya’ll guard each other vaginas for the sake of purity….odd.

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