Who Is The Alpha? Basketball Wives

Evelyn and Shaunie from VH1s Basketball Wives

This was a tough one, because they all seem like they “need” each and “feed” off each other for daily sustenance and approval.

A definite alpha turn off.  But let’s take a closer look:

Shaunie: It is HER show.  She manages to engage the girls in debates and debacles but backs up just in time to still remain untainted or too involved.  There are some instances where she barks back, and hard, but it is clearly to a weaker vessel.  This choice is debatable.

Royce: Hmmm.  She is quiet, and unseemly, but there is a daredevil diva in there who surprises.  However, she has been conforming to the group, so I don’t know, but read more on her, she is a case of “luck” carrying to a place you never imagined.

Evelyn: Way too petty to keep an alpha’s interest, and wildly emotional.  Too entrenched in girly gossip and banter to stand out as different.  Her energy is way too heavy and would exhaust a well meaning, self contained alpha.  The Evelyns of the world need alphas to keep them grounded and centered around the bigger picture instead of daily nuisances, and not the other way around.

All the others don’t deserve any mention.  Thoughts?


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  1. Deidra Cunningham says:

    None of the basketball wives… But Pilar Sanders on football wives is a good example of an alpha female

  2. Erica Lorena says:

    You are right Maryann I would have a hard time narrowing them down too. The ones you didn’t mention are the worst. It’s good television, but no example of what an alpha female is really like. It’s that mystery that keep us interesting…

  3. DiamondTX says:

    Definitely none of them. Actually there were very few REAL alpha females on television. They are behind the scenes. I love Baskbetball Wives and if anyone were to come even CLOSE maybe Shaunie.

  4. Deja says:

    Shaunie hands down she is manipulating the lives of these poor women where she gets to walk off and collect the major bank. After this show no dude is gonna wanna roll up on these chicks. They are too hungry and trashy and Jennifer ruined her marriage.

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