TYRA Gettin’ Married?

If this is all true according to “news” today, girl, Tyra, please don’t go messing this one up now. It is good that you are doing the prenup thing as I am sure John is making you sign one, too. He is p-a-i-d. Will we be hearing about this on her next show? This is how it’ll go:

Guest on stage laments over her sexual abuse history as a child and being shunned by friends in highschool. Guest wonders if she’ll ever be able to have meaningful relationship with the mother who had abandoned her. Tyra says, “I totally get what you’re feeling, as I was growing up in Inglewood, I too, felt different. I was the outcast and now I’m a millionaire. It’s so hard to find people who really care. I understand!”

At another annoying effort to appear “normal” to her audience. See below from mediatakeout:

August 11, 2008. Get ready for a Tyra Banks superstar wedding. MediaTakeOut.com just learned that talk-show host and supermodel Tyra Banks has engaged a prominent Manhattan law firm to draft a prenuptial agreement to protect her assets.

According to a snitch inside the firm, Despite Tyra and the firm taking extra measures to ensure that the details of the agreement don’t leak to the press – the cat is now officially out of the bag.

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