Top Reasons Why Men Hate Women

Author: Bryan Creely
Author: Bryan Creely


(Some content is NSFW.  Read with caution)

Just because he’s a misogynist doesn’t mean he sleeps alone at night.

Misogynists operate under a guise of being charming and charismatic.  They wear “nice” to socially interact with others, but not to be good and kind.  Truth is, these men appear “happy” but they aren’t.  They have issues good enough for the psychiatrist’s couch.  I once heard someone describe it as ” a woman with issues cries, but a man with issues is dangerous and can seriously hurt somebody.”

Again, this is beyond having issues.

Most women have at least met one misogynist in their life because they don’t come a dime dozen (at least, I hope not for you).   Both sexes have questions about the other, but this goes way beyond that.   Below is a description of a misogynist:

“….what a misogynist truly loves is the shallow image of women that exists only in one’s mind and is illustrated in society in such things as pornography or mainstream media that espouses that ideal. The hatred is directed at real women, for not living up to a misogynist’s expectations of women being easy to control and for not providing adequate stimulation for men’s interest….”

So, it’s more than not liking that women talk on the phone alot, it’s a deeper hatred that can come from the wildest things born and bred.   The hatred is so deep he may actually seek prey.   I put together some reasons, most inspired by a male friend who told me the truth about men who think like this.   Men do talk about each other, and this dude is just “off.”   Or is he?  Here are some of the reasons I listed on my blog earlier this week for Baller Alert.   We had fun with it, but sometimes the truth is in the pudding:

1. His penis is small, 6 inches or below for black men,  like the little teapot, short and stout

2. He hates his mother and oddly enough subconsciously blames her for his small penis

3. He makes very little money or makes a helluva lotta money, he sees how women act with both and he hates them more

4. He is very short, below 5’8, and suffers from a Napoleon Complex too, bad combo

5. He was the object of constant ridicule in childhood, mostly from girls about his “weird” ways or look, or was distinctively ignored like he didn’t exist

6. He was sexually abused as a child

7. His mother was a prostitute

8. He is a closeted homosexual

9. He lives alone (beware of these men living alone for years and years)

10. He’s isolated, no one ever wants him on their team, or damn it, at their party if he isn’t taking photos or doing something constructive

Some men may argue that just because a man doesn’t fit into a woman’s objective  is why women label him a misogynist.  And interestingly enough, there are women who love men who hate them (that’s another blog).   These women want to “nurture” and change the man.   So the debate continues.

Just keep the ruler out on the nightstand… —


  1. luke says:

    yes i hate them, us men think its a mans world, but ive looked deep into this, all life on this planet is the result of the females will, us men are intelligent enough to not want to even be born into it, but the females keep it going by ignorantly popping out more and more kids until some sort of problem will happen from over population, females will gladly get on with that type of scenario because they are sassy, they like to argue and fight with others over food and things, they thrive on that sort of drama, they will still get screwed every night so they are happy.

  2. Gamb0 says:

    I also totally agree with Ben. For me to understand women I need a woman to answer all the individual points Ben has raised and justify the reasons why they act this way. One point that really grabs me is the one mentioning the good looking guy using sexual language towards a woman, she finds it romantic because she fancies him, yet with the ugly guy its harassment, how does that work!!

    I entered into a relationship for three years, I wasn’t a good boyfriend if I’m honest and yet she adored me. however she always used to complain that I never said nice things or even complimented her and it drove her crazy, we had many a volatile argument over it and she would always say “You’re a bastard to me”. Eventually I ended the relationship as I couldn’t take the possessiveness and mistrust she had for me even though I was totally to blame for this, I was unfaithful and treated her like shit which I’m not proud of. Years later we got back together having told her I missed her and wanted her back. I thought I’d take a different approach this time and treat her with respect she craved. It was the worst thing I could ever had done. That same woman who always complained about the lack of respect I showed her and who would had done anything for me to shower her with compliments the first time around now so that as a weakness and left me. I was devastated. It was a valuable lesson learned

    All the women I date now are treated like shit and its the only way they understand. Show a woman any kind of respect and they will walk all over you.

    How sad is it that women can only be satisfied by living in miserable relationships as they see it. Great for us guys though!! they can have all the shit us guys can throw at them and gorge on it. I get to do what I like I sleep around and don’t give a shit how they feel about it, I’ve been caught out on several occasions and they still hang around. You women deserve all that you ask for.


  3. Jesse Brooks says:

    Ive been reading articles like these for a LONG time. Im a 28 male virgin but Im labelled as a nice guy so instantly im a creepy rapist that ONLY wants sex. Thousands of times I hear women retort saying nice guys are fake who have no confidence only interested in sex. Nice guys are only because they want to get laid, etc etc etc. After being crushed year after year for just trying to show women i actually value them as people, It always ends the same. Women rejects, then runs off with the guy whos probably slammed a 100 + different women, because, “Hes really sweet, he actually cares for me, hes a really nice guy.” Okay…. The players ONLY want sex, do they get crushed for wanting it it? Fuck no. But nice guys do, and get treated like trash for trying to prove that we value more than your pussy. Its always the same comeback from women tho. Your creepy, only nice because you want sex. Those playas are doing the SAME GOD DAMN THING!!! And they will most likely physically, mentally, and emotionally abuse you later because you discovered it

  4. Scott says:

    Men have simply figured out that women are not worth the trouble and that a single life leads to more satisfaction and fulfillment. The lies, deceit, and betrayal are not worth anything women may have to offer.

  5. captain pugwash says:

    what a croak of shyte this post is.

    Men are turning their backs on women because the way women have been acting and dresing the last 10-15 years and it has steadily and rapidly got worse the last 5 or six. Women only want to ride the CC now days and dont even have the faintest interest in an LTR With view to start a family and live happily ever after. Gone are the 1950s when women where atually RESPECTFUL, had manners, dressed with class and looked good yet at the same time nurtured their husbands and children, didnt drink very much or often and never went near a bar or nightclub (where i live it was illegal for a women to have been in any bar until 1961 (the few women who drank alcohol drank very few and far between and purchased it from a bottle shop) and nightclubs where unheard of until about 1964). These days women are so bitchy and slutty, they fuck men as an ENTRY point into a relationship which in my view is pathetic – you get to KNOW them first. (Yeh IDGAF if im stuck in the early 90s) and what makes me sick is that women older than me (im 36 BTW) are STILL trolling bars and nightclubs looking for mens lives to ruin by having ONS – either they cheat on their husbands or are divorcees looking for men 10 years their jnr to continue riding the CC luckily i gave up drinking in april but for very special occasions and at home – i dont even go anywhere NEAR bars and nightclubs anymore wouldnt care shit for them but seedy places of lust and filth.

  6. Screw Lucy says:

    When I read “black penis” I assumed this was some sort of parody. It’s also poorly written.

    I’m exceptionally pretty, so I’ve gotten to date a lot of different types of men. Some have had smaller penises and don’t feel bad about it or even shy about it. I’ve dated alpha males (mostly in my early twenties) and quieter, more intelligent men, the latter of which I prefer. I ended up with a balance between the two. By that time, I was older, independent, and settled.

    Most of the misogynists I’ve known have differing but noticeable characteristics including being picked on as a child, not respecting their mother for promiscuity or inappropriate behavior towards them, feelings of inadequacy and misery because of an absent or critical father (and being sensitive to it/about it), lack of control in many areas–especially temper and any visceral emotion (which is why a lot of them bury and redirect them in sports or work)–and a base, passive personality.

    There is a difference between men who are quiet and artistic (I was with one for 8 years) and men who are passive. Passive men reek of powerlessness. Power isn’t aggression. Women loathe them because they force us to pity them when they pretend to have power or superiority after we drop them because they are clingy, needy, co-dependent, and angry.

    One guy I rejected wanted to “still be friends” after he panicked when I didn’t talk to him as much after a week (because I have a business and a life) and completely flew off the handle. I don’t put up with bullshit so I said,”Ok, no more dating.” He wanted to “be cool” (after verbally attacking me aggressively and getting more angry after I remained calm and pointed out text evidence that he was incorrect) and be friends.

    Whenever we spent time together, usually through him working for me, he would make it obvious he was looking at a girl’s ass–say it over and over–to demonstrate he was “over me.” It was so pathetic. A lot of times a man’s personality has nothing to do with it. The reason why I picked my quiet artist of 8 years was because we spent time together for months as friends and he never really called or texted me. He had a life, he gave me space, when I initiated an outing, he was agreeable and accepting and even paid for it may times but never pressured me or pestered me.

    Just a few observations.

  7. Rob says:

    I think Ben hit it on the head. It is a loose loose with women, I have had nothing but trouble with them when pursuing them. Its almost like applying for a job and getting a online test. One wrong answer and she bounces you.

    Society has taught women to behave as they do. Magazines give them the idea of the perfect man as girls growing up. Not to respect and love a guy for him and him alone but to suggest they should seek one with wealth or at least a balanced check book. Use guys that like them because they think the guy is wrapped around their finger. Dont get me wrong yes like Doris expirianced yes theirs guys who are scum bags. The nice guys that may be willing to change or do what ever they have to be in your life are not treasured but ridiculed and friend zoned etc…

    Personally i have had it where i have told women that i like them. Being honest and they have started to get bitchy from that point on the whole “O hes wrapped around my finger i can play with him”. I used to be a nice guy, now i just have resentment. If im lucky i may one day find a women who can change my mind but im not expecting it in all honesty.

  8. Bo says:

    This article this view is a bit closed minded and too general. Why men hate women, all men, really or is that just click bait?

    Also some men hate women for real issues that can happen in interpersonal relationships. The bullet list is also too general and lacks focus, is this an absolute list or just what you could come up with in the 10 or so minutes it took you to write such a piece?

    The penis hate is cringe worthy and I can personally attest good size and great sex cant save a relationship, been there enough times, I’m sorry its such a fickle and low understanding of people and sex.

    I hope this article is just badly written and these arnt your real views but if not then I really hope you learn to respect and love the opposite sex and not view them as a whole mess of misogynistic bad boys. I hope there are positive male influences in your life, kids, brothers, dad, cousins anything so you can create exceptions and see people for who they are.

    All the best, a concerned man.

  9. Therighteous1 says:

    I swear females of all ages today are disgusting creatures! The elderly think they are young and dress with no contrast to their 20 year old counterpart.

    The young think that they are superstars/celeb’s that expect you to put them on a pedestal and let them get away with murder/double standards. The young walk across roads and expect traffic to stop for them, (pushing their social responsibilities on us). The way they bury their heads into their smart-phones while walking their children to school, then look up at you as if to say “watch my kids” when they arnt even watching their kids as they are too busy on facebook/whatsapp etc..

    They want equal pay at all the top earning jobs, they dont sit par with on what type of jobs, such as sewage cleaning- dangerous jobs etc.. This country is a joke!

  10. Former nice guy... says:

    I grew up raised by women, but none of them ever let me know how treacherous some of you b!tches are. I grow up loving women, and still do to some degree. But after dating and working with alot of them, I see a pervasive, and destructive spirit in them, that I don’t have the patience to deal with for an extended period of time w/o getting angry.

    Whenever I hear women tear men down as a while, it saddens me, because none of the men I know spend time talking trash about women. So those of you women, who have been abused, should “man up” and confront the men who hurt you. Miss me with your BS, that abusive drug addict/alcoholic you dated for years is no reflection of me or any other men of character or substance. As long as you “women” continue to put “bad boys” on a pedestal, I hope they continue treat you the way they do. I don’t take small-minded women seriously no matter how much make-up is layered on your faces.

  11. Bob says:

    Im not short, i dont have a small dick, I’m entering a career that will put me in or close to the top 1% of earners, I’m not unattractive or overweight. I’m in my mid 20’s and have never dated or had sexual contact with women. They have rejected me for lesser men my entire life. So I’m not extroverted, I’m a quiet person, I still have no problem standing up for myself and telling people where to go if i need to. Men are willing to overlook all of these personality “faults” in women. Why won’t women see past them to see the good in me? Can you assholes see why some men have every reason in the world to despise the people who are unwillng to accept them. The vast majority of women can’t hold a candle to the person that I am. I wish there was a way to really hurt women that didnt involve ruining my own life. Truth is, as much as i hate women, I hate a lot of men even more. I’m so much better than most of them, but they still get women. Then the women complain when they get beaten and cheated on. Every beating a woman has ever received has been more than justified from my life experience. Fuck society

  12. Ben says:

    This honestly made me laugh. The reason why men hate women is because you say/think dumb stuff like this. There’s no neutrality in the way you view us men. It’s either you worship us or despise us. You disregard the “nice” guys you all claim to want, that constantly go for the guy you claim to hate. If we are too friendly to you we are pussies, if we distance ourselves from you, we have small penises, mommy issues, and repressed homosexuality. If we are slow and romantic during sex, you complain that you want a “real man” who knows how to “f*** you right”. If we do that you complain we are misoginist who are only in it for the sex and to objectify you. If we make good eye contact and are respectful to you, you think we only want to fuck you. If we are a**holes towards you and disregard what you say, we have small penises, mommy issues, and repressed homosexuality. If an attractive guy flirts with you and says overly sexual things to you, you think it’s hot and romantic, if a nerdy shy and ugly man does the same he goes to jail for sexual harassment or rape. If we aren’t looking for a relationship but rather a sexual fling, we are “f***boys”. If we want a long term relationship we are “pussies” to you or “friendzoned”, of course if we are attractive we can really do know wrong, unless of course we are too nice and considered “weak”. You want us to express emotions to you and open up, and when we do we are “too emotional” and not a “real man” and eventually we are friendzoned. If we are stoics than we are misoginist, have a small penis, mommy issues, and repressed homosexuality. The only way we are “acceptable” to you women is if we are tall, rich, powerful, and handsome. The rest of us get you to date, marry, hookup, by shear luck and persistence and as a last resort in your book. You women make things a lose lose for us in almost every way. This is why we hate you

  13. TheKnownTruth says:

    Especially the women that have their Careers today since they really think that they are God’s gift to men which they are such Pathetic Losers. And with their Attitude Problem Most of these women will just grow old all Alone with their Cats. The real Good old fashioned women of years ago were really the Best at one time which it is just too bad that they are all Gone today Unfortunately.

  14. Ella says:

    Stopped reading when the ridiculing of a man’s penis size started. The irony… A man is ridiculed for being perceived as less masculine (thus more feminine) for having a smaller penis. At play here is common or garden misogyny.

    Then there’s just the nastiness of ridiculing someone for something they can’t help.

    I’m a feminist, but sometimes this double standard irritates me.

  15. Who cares, I'm a man. says:

    I would like the pleasure of adding this tidbit.

    If technology keeps going the way it does toward intelligent design. Eventually pharmaceuticals will come out with stuff that will eliminate our urges entirely and we will have zero use for you.

    When that happens, you will find out just how valuable you are in society. Nobody’s gonna hear your bullshit because we won’t need to.

    When cloning eliminates the need for breeding, we won’t even need you to exist. We could literally just clone you out since you are the weaker species.

    Something tells me the future might be a lot more pleasant.

  16. Insidious_Sid says:

    Until they come up for a word that means, by definition, “hatred for shitty female behavior”, you can all continue to call me a misogynist in the interim. It’s not like I care what you think anyways. As for the author of this would-be piece of satire: there’s always assembly line work. Don’t panic. You can do it. Tab A, Slot B.

  17. Doris says:

    I never realized that my husband is a person who actually does not like women but uses them to his advantage. He could not control me and I stood up to him. He was a batterer and even beat up his own daughter but she had the guts to file a domestic abuse charge and restraining order on him. He is gone, left me for another woman—a desperate and abused woman no doubt. He is using her for her money and a place to live while we are in the midst of a divorce. I think the issue with him is that he can not tolerate anyone that is smarter or can verbalize their emotions or ideas better than he. He is the worst hypocrite , praying to God for guidance and going to church weekly but comes home and hits his wife! Good riddance scumbag! I only wish that i had heeded the warning his first wife gave to me. He will slam the new woman around and let her find out for herself. I am done.

  18. Wilo12 says:

    Saying that these things are the cause of men hating women is actually what causes it to happen. Being a sarcastic, immature pea brain, with all of these dumb ass statements, is why more and more of us arent taking you seriously anymore.

  19. Gabrielle Theresa Shepherd says:

    After reading this article and the comments, I felt like I really needed to say this.
    It’s obvious, yes misogynists are out there, and they are men and women. Also, I think a lot of problems between men and women is a communication barrier, and we don’t understand each other very well, so for the men commenting on here, this is for you.
    I’m sorry. Im sorry that some women have mistreated you, stepped on you, and made you feel less than you are. For whatever this is worth, I hope you know that there are women out there who absolutely love men. They love their bodies, they love their minds-the way they think, who they are. I want to make it clear that by saying this, my intention is not to minimize the abuse that women have sustained, (I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and sexual abuse as I got older), but I realized that not all men are monsters. Not all men are going to do that to you, or treat you that way. This comment is for those men. I appreciate you, I’m thankful for you and man I love that you’re here. Everyone needs to know that someone cares. So, this is to you. God bless you, I pray that you find a good loving woman who treats you the way you deserve to be treated

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