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Top Reasons Why Men Hate Women

Just because he’s a misogynist doesn’t mean he sleeps alone at night.

Misogynists operate under a guise of being charming and charismatic.  They wear “nice” to socially interact with others, but not to be good and kind.  Truth is, these men appear “happy” but they aren’t.  They have issues good enough for the psychiatrist’s couch.  I once heard someone describe it as ” a woman with issues cries, but a man with issues is dangerous and can seriously hurt somebody.”

Again, this is beyond having issues.

Most women have at least met one misogynist in their life because they don’t come a dime dozen (at least, I hope not for you).   Both sexes have questions about the other, but this goes way beyond that.   Below is a description of a misogynist:

“….what a misogynist truly loves is the shallow image of women that exists only in one’s mind and is illustrated in society in such things as pornography or mainstream media that espouses that ideal. The hatred is directed at real women, for not living up to a misogynist’s expectations of women being easy to control and for not providing adequate stimulation for men’s interest….”

So, it’s more than not liking that women talk on the phone alot, it’s a deeper hatred that can come from the wildest things born and bred.   The hatred is so deep he may actually seek prey.   I put together some reasons, most inspired by a male friend who told me the truth about men who think like this.   Men do talk about each other, and this dude is just “off.”   Or is he?  Here are some of the reasons I listed on my blog earlier this week for Baller Alert.   We had fun with it, but sometimes the truth is in the pudding:

1. His penis is small, 6 inches or below for black men,  like the little teapot, short and stout

2. He hates his mother and oddly enough subconsciously blames her for his small penis

3. He makes very little money or makes a helluva lotta money, he sees how women act with both and he hates them more

4. He is very short, below 5’8, and suffers from a Napoleon Complex too, bad combo

5. He was the object of constant ridicule in childhood, mostly from girls about his “weird” ways or look, or was distinctively ignored like he didn’t exist

6. He was sexually abused as a child

7. His mother was a prostitute

8. He is a closeted homosexual

9. He lives alone (beware of these men living alone for years and years)

10. He’s isolated, no one ever wants him on their team, or damn it, at their party if he isn’t taking photos or doing something constructive

Some men may argue that just because a man doesn’t fit into a woman’s objective  is why women label him a misogynist.  And interestingly enough, there are women who love men who hate them (that’s another blog).   These women want to “nurture” and change the man.   So the debate continues.

Just keep the ruler out on the nightstand… —


  • Derek

    Thanks for deleting my comment and filtering your comfort zone blog to reflect your point of view. You could have just replied.

  • Jouh

    i hate women, because they trait you like crap and no matter how nice you are they still being acting so wrong, in my life i have never ever met a nice woman, and i am proud to tell that i have never hitted a woman or have ever insulted one, i could say that they see me as a nice person, but for me they are just monsters…

  • dave

    ……and now, we can watch for the signs of these women ( we have now heard from a bunch of them) who hate men. Oh, they do not want talk about that?

  • Julie

    Guys have a chip on theor shoulder. And thats ok. Everybody has a right to their feelings and attitude. Not everybody is going to be nice to you. As long as they are not breaking any laws. You ladies arent entitled to everything . Deal with it

  • Cristi

    Ben – I like what you wrote. I am the female in the relationship who is tired fi wearing the.pants. i never wanted to be the stronger partner, but my values and morals would never allow me to be anything less than self-sufficient, self-reliant,and socially adept. I Want to be in a healthy loving relationship but I don’t Need to be in one. I am in Los Angeles …where are you?

  • ben

    i don’t really think any of these are necessarily true. they’re based mostly on the biological consequences of how said men are born. personally, i consider myself a product of my surroundings. i don’t have a small penis, i’m 5’10”, which i don’t consider short, i wasn’t sexually abused as a child, and had plenty of friends growing up, i make a healthy amount of money for my age, i love my mother, and i’m not a homosexual, but i’m starting to hate women too. i’m not a misogynist by any stretch of the imagination, i believe that every human being on the planet has a baseline level of respect due to them, for simply being alive. i haven’t met very many women lately who seem to follow this philosophy. it seems they think i have to impress them. i’ve done a lot with my life in a very short time. that’s eight years of military service to you, every man, woman and child in this country, i made three graphic novels, two published, i’ve got a college degree and a full head of hair. why should i have to be the one that has to prove that i’m worth anyone’s time? if anything, women should be proving themselves to me. that’s fair isn’t it? shouldn’t women be looking for better men, the accomplished, the hard workers, the thinkers, instead of guys that hit them and cheat on them? and when i seek them out, they think of the rudest, brashest, most offensive things they can come up with, and don’t even “filter” themselves when they start talking. i’m sorry, but i’m on a slippery slope right here. i’m losing faith fast. you can’t say one’s perceived hatred of women is their own fault anymore. we’ve given them too much power, and it’s starting to go to their heads. people are the product of their surroundings, and there’s simply more to it than something you can put into a “top ten” style list. it’s a personal problem for a lot of people for a lot of reasons, and i think it’s a symptom of a much larger problem, though i have no clue what it may be, i believe this is one of the few cases where the fault lies not on the individual, but on society.

  • womble

    In a world where women are permitted to act like petulant 6 year old’s over the most mundane problems how are men supposed to see them? I know we all act out once in a while but it seems women are never wrong in their behavior and everyone else(men) are the real culprits!
    The biggest obstacle in my opinion is the idea that a man has to be the earner because it’s traditional-seems sexist to me, they don’t seem to care about our needs at all only there own.

  • TedScheckler

    The article pretty quickly deteriorated into “he has a small penis” and “he’s a closet homosexual.” Ironically, it’s that kind of marginalizing of a man’s opinions (by attributing everything to popular insecurities like wealth, sexuality, **** size) that lead to them hating women.

  • SoVeryTrue

    it is not like we hate women, but there are so many gay women out there now that are making it much more harder for us straight guys looking to meet a good woman today. especially after having so many women that will curse at us for trying to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet, and i just don’t understand it.

  • Thomas Pierson

    It’s a very interesting article, but I think your facts are not entirely accurate concerning penis size. As a bi-sexual married man I have known many misogynistic men, so has my wife. We talked it over and concluded that, in our combined experience, most of these social neanderthals have average genitalia.

    But I think is that there is a mental division between the actual size of a man’s penis and what he THINKS the size of he penis is. Most misogynistic men I’ve met acted like they were either tiny or huge, and they had corresponding attitudes. What was universal (in my experience) was that they all blamed a woman for being at whatever sexual hang out they were in when I met them.

    They are also the first to cry “misandry” because life didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to. I’m not going to go into it because Denis Leary has explained the the difficulties of life pretty well already.

    And, for the benefit of those who will post something counter to what I’m saying; I know exactly how large my penis is, and I also know that it’s not my size that makes me a great lover… to a man or a woman.

  • AbsolutelyTrue

    the trouble is, there are so many women that treat us straight guys very bad. they like to curse at us when we will try to start a conversation with the one that we would really like to meet. then again, gay women are everywhere nowadays.

  • Baldheaded Dude

    Women of all races are not worth the time or effort anymore, at least not American ones anyway. They have mostly become self-absorbed, judgmental, promiscuous jerks. I am much more at peace now that I have avoided them at all costs. Married and unmarried dudes in relationships have half jokingly told me they are jealous. Think about the last married guy you saw who was TRULY happy.

  • Adele

    Thanks for the suggestions Maryann. I understand what you mean. I suppressed a lot of myself and I can see the implications of that. I will be looking for those books. I read a couple books by Eckhart Tolle that were pretty eye opening. I also like listening to Abraham Hicks.

  • The Hooker Chronicles

    Men typically don’t hate a woman who’s kind, loving, positive, and supportive. If your an asshole, and the energy that you give off is narcissistic, rude, and bitter; that’s what your gonna get back.

    I’ve NEVER met a person who was beautiful, intelligent, successful, yet KIND and LOVING who had issues in this department. People may secretly hate you, but they never say it to your face. Why else would a person hate on a Kind and Loving person?

  • Maryann

    Adele I had to read your comment more than once. It is moving and I can sense the pain in it. I often feel that some of us have a light that others feed off. The majority of people are very weak. Because of that it’s important to keep our perceptions clean and clear from too much interpretation and personalization. I hope you will find that the more we are willing to look at our own darkness the less we meet people who reflect this darkness back. Read anything by Debbie Ford.

  • Mark

    i am a straight man that loves women very much, but the problem is meeting a good one without the attitude problem is very hard nowadays since they like playing very hard to get too. grow up already.

  • Adele

    I deal with misogynists every day. The funny thing is that they can be male or female.
    A few years ago before I started graduate school, little did I know that I would be the most despised, talked about, emulated, envied, mistreated, loved, and disrespected person in my pharmacy class. As soon as people saw my good looks, self-confidence, self-love and intelligence, coupled with black skin no less, they proceeded to shit all over me.

    My enemies have been damaged black males, self-hating black people, west African women (even though I am half Nigerian myself), ASIAN women (a surprise), a lone White male, most White females I come into contact with, and former friends of mine who I now call FRENEMIES. I’ve been openly insulted by weak men, had doors closed on me literally. What some “men” like to do is hold the door open for a woman in front of me, and then let it close on me. I mean, really trying to attack me as a woman, and say “You are not worth me holding this door open. You are not a woman, you are less than a woman, because you are black and attractive. You are either a Jezebel or a bitch. Not a woman.”

    Over the past few years I became a lot more bitter and my self-esteem took a dive. I’ve become an Alphanista by sheer necessity and force. Basically for survival.

    The thing I fight with is how not to be bitter and negative because of my daily struggles. I’ve become some kind of prayer warrior, I pray HARD and daily. I use visualization techniques to visualize victories in my life. I’ve had a hard time while dating a man I love, an Alpha male in his own right. It’s been a challenge to leave all the baggage from my life to the side, and deal with him with PRESENCE. He is sooo good of a man, so opposite to the the misogynists that I have dealt with, that it is often hard to believe! I wonder how I attracted such a good man at such a messed up time in my life.

    Thanks for this site. This is the support I need to elevate myself. I once read in one of the articles here that Alphanistas are made, usually out of trials and setbacks, and I can see that to be true. I’m alpha by necessity and I ain’t going back.

  • Frank

    we certainly need much more women like June Cleaver and Donna Reed around again, and they were very committed to their men too.

  • M

    A ton of women these days are totally 8,9 and 10!!!! Especially, particularly 9 and 10. 9 and 10 are “those” women that constantly have nothing better to do then constantly bitch about things, they are so unbelievably pissed off at the world, blame everything on someone else rather than blame themselves for their shortcomings. Ha ha ha the part in #10 is particularly true for these kind of women the part about “doing something constructive”. I think these type of women think “doing something constructive” means being on the phone for literally 5 hours bitching about “men”, bitching to their girlfriends how the “world” is so unfair to them, how they think even though they have already graduated college, already done the college partying think they still live in college and have to go out literally 6 days a week, still get piss drunk to the point of puking and not being able to walk home even though they have been out of college for like 5 years. Also I would have to add another one on the list for WOMEN it’s #11 which has totally turned literally 190 degrees into the complete direction and it’s #11 which is a lot of women refusing to SETTLE and a lot that think SETTLING is a “bad” word!!

  • Tish

    To Misogynist Pig, historically, women were not “allowed” to go out into the REAL WORLD and then once they were “allowed”, they were bashed. However, regardless of gender, going out in the REAL WORLD is not necessarily being successful, making progress, or being truly powerful, positive, and/or empowering to others, just like staying at home is not necessarily unsuccessful, lacking progress, being powerless, and/or not being empowering to others. Regardless of gender, going out in the REAL WORLD might be being a president of a country causing mass destruction or “working” in an office, but really just being on facebook. Working at home might be watching soap operas, goofing off, and doing what society considers trivial and/or menial chores or it can be “raising the people of great character” for society, creating a loving, empowering, and supportive home, having a home business, writing a powerful movie, and/or starting an important movement. It can be volunteering to help those who cannot help themselves.

  • Tish

    ha ha, thanks 😀 The article was scandalous or the fact that it was removed? Too bad. James, interesting comment and experience you had. Darling and Chandra, very helpful. The Hooker Chronicles, wow and very confirming about what I’ve often wondered about in relationship to someone that I know. Gladys, so true. Loving a bottom B, as much as I cringed when you said that, I agree which is why I wanted to see the woman hating men article that Mike was interested in seeing, as well. MissKris, what you wrote is so powerful and helpful. Bill, interesting, insightful, helpful. Might explain why I didn’t get dates in h.s. However, while many women might have a “crabby attitude”, many women just have legitimate feelings of frustration due to legitimate acts of degradation and disrespect made upon them by men. Their feelings would not be considered a “crabby attitude”. Free, thank you. Realtalk, your comment totally reflects back on you and the type of females that you choose to hang out with. True, many women aren’t deep, but many men aren’t either. Also, women don’t need to have been famous nor in positions of power to be “equal” to men. Men and women may naturally have differences, but that doesn’t mean that one is superior to another. Being different doesn’t mean weaker or stronger. Having true good character and/or good genes makes one stronger. All of us are human, however, and deserve equal rights. There is nothing set in stone which says that a woman’s purpose is “for the pleasure and support of men” and it was their “pleasure and support of men” that has been what has assisted men in being successful. That “pleasure and support of men” was often involuntary and often voluntary depending on the society, times, and/or the willingness of women. Misogynist Pig, I agree that many women wrongfully claim victimhood, use “cleverness” as a form of manipulation, and try to take shortcuts through leeching off of men. However, I have a problem with the following: “The overwhelming majority of women on this planet live, survive and prosper due to the efforts of men” Women have backed up men historically whether they wanted to or not. I hardly think that men could have cooked, done dishes and their laundry, cleaning, have and taken care of children, run the home, etc. historically in manual labor days and still have been able to be successful and support women. Also, how have “women lived, survived, and prospered” all the times that the men started and fought wars, savagely raping, killing them and their families, and stealing rather than finding a nonviolent solution? The same is true in regards to the large percentage of domestic violence that occurs. To be clear, as I found out recently and as a child, women can be witches and commit abuse on their children and even their men. They aren’t to be idolized and all men aren’t to be villainized.

  • Maryann

    To be honest with you Tish, I dont even know how people get their face as an icon. So I cant tell you how to change it. But we’ll work on that. And the link may be removed. It was scandalous!

  • Tish

    Do we have a choice as to the face (icon) that we choose for our comment 😀 because I surely wouldn’t have picked that very mean looking monster one that just came up on my previous comment. I’m not sure if it will still be that icon when my comment has been approved so the reader might be confused if it is not anymore at that time 😀

  • Tish

    I was interested in reading the 10 Reasons She Hates Men, but the link just leads me to nothing. I tried putting the title in the search box and that didn’t work either : ( Thanks in advance for any assistance in response.

  • Miss Andi K.

    @ Reak Talk, it sounds like you have surrounded yourself with girls in women\’s clothing. Thus, I blame YOU for your lack of exposure to women who are intelligent, well-read, and articulate. It is very possible to not act and think from a place of emotions. Sure we all get caught up at times, but those of us who know better are aware that it is unwise to make decisions and/or take actions from the stance of \”feelings\” that are sure to change over time. That is all.

    P.S. Read ANYTHING written by bell hooks or Florence Flovell Shinn

  • misogynist pig

    Many good points…none the less there is still a significant lack of honesty and recognition of the REAL world around us here.

    History has proven that no segment of the human population can be successfully denied a part in the shaping of this world unless they accept it.

    Women have participated in some of the shaping of this world but I simply refuse to allow them to claim victim hood when they as a segment of the human population have had more time and opportunity to succeed than anybody else.

    Women must take their place in the REAL world through REAL actions and effort. Humans, and obviously men as well will not freely accept anybody who attempts to forge their way without paying the REAL dues of survival. No victim hood, no cleverness and no short cuts.

    The overwhelming majority of women on this planet live, survive and prosper due to the efforts of men. This is not a theory…take an honest look around you if you think otherwise.

    What ultimately saddens me the most about all this is that so many women still refuse to see the reality. A weak mind ruled by emotions would draw the conclusion that I am a sexist. Often this is the folly of women but men can fall into that trap just as easily (mental weakness is not gender specific).

    I absolutely love to work side by side with women of real integrity. Some of my greatest accomplishments would have been quite difficult without the help of some very wise and capable women. They became my friends, allies, and ultimately my family…not a one of them would be likely to agree with most of what the women here have said.

  • June Clever(not)

    Seriously? When will step out of their caves and into the new millennium?
    Never,I’m sure. But heads up misogynist pigs…
    WOMEN DON’T NEED YOU! We’ve ling since been able to make babies without ever having to see you,your hatred of us,your control freak ways. All we need is a little tube of your lack luster swimmers and we’re good to go

  • realtalk

    I have no problem with women, but I look for truth not what is politically correct. It is true in many areas that men are superior to women, just by a study of history or philosophy.

    Equality of women was based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, only to please women. The historic basis for inferiority of women was based on what? how come in every society it was so other than Christian civilization? because that is what is rooted in nature and fact.
    Women are there for the pleasure and support of men. Of course we can never let them know that.
    How many women intellectuals are there? How many women study philosophy in their spare time? How many women do anything other than concerned with how to please men, relationships, social communications, and love?

    Read On Women by Schopenhauer

    Seeing the reality of women’s nature has exponentially raised my success with women. Just treat them like children and give them all the emotions they want, and thats all thats necessary. Ofcourse pretend like you love women and consider them equal.

  • Free

    Bill and Mike: If you can’t see the difference between only wanting a sexual relationship with a woman (no commitment) and hating everything about women in general because they won’t bend to your will, then I’d like to thank both you narcissist for checking in!!

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  • mike

    @ Bill Cammack. Finally a voice of reason on this blog!! I agree!!

  • Bill Cammack

    This is pretty funny. I need to write a dating guide for misogynists. :)

    The fact of the matter is that a lot of guys aren’t into relationships in order to have “equality” with a female. Their goal is to have a good time. Period. This is why a lot of “strong women” get passed over. It’s not because guys aren’t savvy enough to match wits with them, it’s just that there’s no reason to.

    You can get a chick that looks exactly the same, but doesn’t come with the crabby attitude. 😀

  • MissKris

    I totally agree with this article. The deception is insane with a misogynistic man! My now ex has deep psychological issues & I do hope one day he gets help.

    He’s misogynistic towards black women in particular and it didn’t sink in to me until 9 years into the relationship-guess I didn’t want to view him that way. All I wanted was to love him & all he really wanted was for me to be the enemy so he could validate his hatred & take it out on me mentally & physically.

    I’ll never forget when he referred to black women as stupid black bitches. I almost lost it. I’m black, he’s biracial-white mom black dad. I know he’s been brought up to hate black women cause his dad seems that way though he’d never admit it.

    It’s so important to look for the signs! I’m glad I got out of the situation before he really hurt me.

  • Loving a bottom B

    Very Good post. Everyone needs to learn how to look at themselves in the mirror.

  • Gladys

    Hmmmmmmm… you what would be interesting it to look these men across the ethnic spectrum. I wonder which man is more likely to be a misogynist:?

  • Gladys

    Men like the one described above get away with a lot because they are either charming or they are so reclusive no one really notices them. Except their victims that is. Scary stuff.

  • Rocky

    Apparently dudes like that have more problems than just their hate for women. How would one prioritize fixing all those problems, because they are far worse than flaws.

  • Kim

    Numbers 3, 9, and 5 are his knocking on his door. Unfortunately, I had an experience with one and his issues stemmed from his ex-wife who he lost his virginity to (she cheated on him) and also a golddigger who got pregnant with his child. After those two episodes, I believe that he hated women. Talk about A MAN SCORNED! He is so into sex and not committment and his heart has a “Good Times” pad lock on it. The thing that is sad is that there may be a good woman for them but they can’t see pass their issues. Trying to change him and any other man is not gonna work so keep it moving if you feel that he has major issues.

  • The Hooker Chronicles

    I meant BTK not B2K.

  • The Hooker Chronicles

    If you look at all the the top historical serial killers, ALL of them display most if not all of the qualities mentioned in this post.

    Jeffrey Dahlmer (closeted homosexual and introvert)
    John Wayne Gacy
    Ted Bundy
    B2k Killer

    The main quality that ALL of these killers had were their hatred of women.

  • chandra

    I cant attest to #1 and 8. He’s my brother. Sick. If he wasn’t I’d turn him in. What he does to his “girlfriends” when he has one is cruel. Just sad. Problem is, women accept this because they are sick too, and go ahead and have a sick family. Sad!

  • babydoll

    @ LMartin…the short men that i have dealt with usually had the biggest u-know-whats lol….but thats another story. I prefer tall men, because some of the short dudes I dealt with had that Napoleon attitude that was most unpleasent to me.

  • Apollonia

    There is a lot to say (no pun intended) about the small penis issue. The one ABM (angry black man) I have ever dated (3 months), had the penis the size of my thumb……erect. No stoutness. Met him via a blind date and he was far from my type. I thought I would try something outside my norm because my norm was not working. Well, Mr. Eenie Weenie Meanie convinced me to keep somethings normal…like a grown man’s penis size.

    He had the attitude from hell, sub-par looks and a tiny dick??? Walking away from him was too easy.

  • LMartin Johnson Pratt

    Just want to add disclaimer as to height not all of us 5’8″ below Men are trying to overcompensate some of us are well adjusted loving boyfriends, husbands, lovers and fathers and in actually a lot contribute to my blog – iluvblackwomen(dot)com…SO THERE Maryann!!! hehehe luv ya.

  • Darling

    @mike, oh please. those men may not have a hard time finding a wife but they will be happy. my ex husband was a misogynist–he’s in jail now for reasons i rather not disclose.

  • James

    I beg to differ. I met my lady when she was single for years, she lived alone, had no man. She had a little ‘tude when i met her about men and was sarcastic. This lasted for about a month, when we finally made love she was as gentle as a dove been that way since best woman i ever had. Men and women deal with pain differently, but a misogynist isn’t easy.

  • mike

    I know women who mirror 8,9,and 10. Have they found a clasification for female “misogynist”? Although, these guys rarely have a hard time finding a wife who will love them dispite their “short” comings.

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