Top 5 Things An Alpha Can Do Around The World

Tired of the Caribbean? New connections and lots of “alpha” moments wait for you outside of the Caribbean.

The Caribbean is a good starting point for travel, and a safe bet when you want to stay close to home. But those who are ready to graduate to the next experience, know a vacation is more than just taking a trip with a camera and stilettos.  You can travel and change your life.   I’m kinda over travel that’s about the beach and sunsets.  I want to learn something new, scare myself some.   I don’t need a vacation to eat or sleep better, but it can be perfect therapy.  Set clear, personal goals with travel and you will find yourself completely made-over!

Get A Man in Paris

French men love their chocolate.  Ahem.  Check out Black Paris Divas for an amazing cultural experience.

Cook In Spain

Pick your favorite region, and sign up at a cooking school.  You may find yourself sharing tapas with a new friend.

Sail in Greece

Not on a cookie-cutter cruise, but a more “yacht-like” experience.  Worth the splurge.

Eat in Ghana

In a food rut?  Dazzle your tastebuds with a little ethnic, and culinary kick.

Dream (Write) In Morocco

Stay at a nice, quiet place, and let the scenery take you away.  Who knows, you may write the next bestseller.

Ahh, and the scary stuff?  Well, I decided to do it first, and then share with you.  Standby!

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  1. ProfessLCH says:

    Wow: do I love the nature of this post and how you’ve “hit it and quick it,” i.e., made it plain in few words. Drop the science; let it do what it’ll do!

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