To A Smart Girl Men Are No Problem, They’re The Answer

Here’s a little something to take through your weekend.  The above words of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.  I absolutely adore men.  Not all women do because they see them as a source of stress, but so is the long ass menu at The Cheesecake Factory, but I’m not giving that up!  I like how men make me feel as a woman.  I like how they walk, talk, and do that little gruntin’ noise when they’re getting comfortable.  I like to watch them shave, cut down a tree, and help an old lady across the street. 

Zsa Zsa couldn’t be more right. Now, I don’t know how many times she’s been married, but it’s more than thrice. Women like that know a lot about men. “To a smart girl men are no problem, they’re the answer” simply means that don’t stress over men because if applied wisely they can be great resources. They can fertilize you, care for you, fix the toilet, and if you’re really lucky, let you keep the house after a divorce. They have their little annoying tendencies for attention, but don’t you just love petting them? Men, creatures that are so easy to please. When they love you, even the crumbs on your lip they want to suck off. The especially rambunctious ones can be a handful, but even in their diabolical-self-destructive-narcissism you still love the way he cooks those turkey cutlets in ginger honey glaze. Like Nina’s man in EVERY MAN FOR HERSELF. Or, on another note, like the way he strokes your, uhm, back after a long day’s work.

Yes, men can be the answer. Just make sure you got the right question.


  1. missing_pieces says:

    I’ll keep this in mind… not that keen on men right now because the ones in my family are ((PSYCHO))!
    I think because of this fact I’ve attracted some mini lunatics in past relationships. I’m not big on romantic relationships right now and that’s totally where I need to be. Too much healing to do and self-examination. It might sound like a complete cop-out (some of my friends say it is) but it is the way it is.

  2. shawniebear says:

    I love it. They are NOT a problem, I truly adore them. =) Even the things I don’t like I love. I hate when women bash men constantly…I like to ask them if they’ve considered whether or not they’re the problem themselves. Life’s too short, I do my best to keep things positive.

  3. Julie says:

    I get tired of hearing angry women complain about men all the time, they are NOT the enemy…LOL. Thanks for giving me something optimistic to think about this weekend….(sigh) We should focus on what we want, not don’t want.

  4. Claudette says:

    (By the way the audio on here is great, listening to it on my job w/Ipod while people think I’m working 🙂

    Anyway, I get this. It’s deep. It’s how I date. I don’t just date anybody because I’m bored. You should have terms and goals when you are looking for a partner. Thats how you know you met the RIGHT one. If you are just out going out with anybody who asks then you are just going to end up in all kinds of drama and emotional confusion. I really dont let these men stress me out because if they do then I am part of the problem bcause I let him in. Ladies, stay focused!

  5. ms. tee says:

    The title of yr post sounds like a GREAT book title to me! A self help book.

    But I don’t believe this for a minute..guess I’m not really smart then..LOL!

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