My Let Go Plan: Tired of Being Single! New!

By Guest Blogger, Anastasia Simpson

Hey ladies. I wanted to update you every week of my treatments, especially yesterday.

But too much was going on. As I said, in my last update, “mystery” man and I are an item. We made it official last week. And nooo, I didn’t have sex with him or anything like that. I am still on my treatments and got one more to go! I want to be clear minded and sure on the direction of things. But he did say he wanted to be exclusive, and that I was acting a bit detached (hahahaha, blame it on the treatments!). I guess he wanted to seal the deal while he has the chance. That’s is what I am talking about! I have never had a man act like that. As if I was such a prize, he had to have me before anyone else does.  Well, I did, but I didn’t feel the same.  That was also a problem.

Most of the men, I have met before were all about “going with the flow”, sometimes they’d call, sometimes they don’t. Here one minute, gone the next. “Mystery” man and I talk every night, we see each other on the weekends. Is everything perfect? I don’t know. Over July 4th weekend, he took me to Sag Harbor, near the “Hamptons” in NYC. It was a group thing with another couple. Everything flowed, but I wondered if he is out of my league. Will he think I’m not enough? It’s that fear creeping up that I struggled with throughout the treatments. As I go on to my last one, I am intent on breaking that hold.

I never tried anything like this before. Treatments? What, huh? LOL. But I challenged myself. I even got a girlfriend on it. She hasn’t met anyone yet, but she just accepted job offer. She had been unemployed for 11 months.   She told me the treatments helped her de-stress and let go.   To me, that is just going to make her a better person for a partner, so it works. I’m a little sad that it’s ending. Will he leave when it ends? Was this all a dream?

I know how it sounds, but this man I can love. I can marry.   He is NOT perfect, and neither am I. I will write again on my last treatment and keep you posted on what happens between us. Whatever happens, I know I manifested this from my highest, best self. No more excuses, going out, or searching. I found it.

Anastasia lives in NYC. For more information about her, just keep reading. From time to time, women will blog about their experiences.

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  1. Denice says:

    I had the let go plan when it came out last year. Tried it a few times. I finally got what I asked for 🙂

  2. Misty says:

    I love reading your updates. Be careful that you don\’t talk yourself out of a good man. Let that FEAR go. Good luck with everything.

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