Tip 8: How To Be An Alpha Female

Don't Try This At Work If You Ain't Ready...LOL...Can You Imagine the Upheaval?
Don't Try This At Work If You Ain't Ready...Can You Imagine The Upheaval? LOL

“An alpha female may have a hard time at work because of her innate leadership skills and can ruffle the wrong feathers; she manages to rise to the top because of her style and intellect…”

An alpha female at work can be two things: she can be the best person you’ve ever worked with and the worst, or even be both at the same time.  Most people cruise through their ordinary jobs with “go along to get along” in mind.  They like their jobs for the most part, the people they work with, and pretty much want to keep things the same.  Some are even so compliant and set in their ways that they don’t even want to be promoted, they are “just fine” with their initialed coffee mug and pinned up photos on their desks.  If you know a woman in this crew, she’s also the one who knows everybody, talks about everyone, and eats lunch with the same 2-3 people everyday.

On the outskirts of all this mediocrity is the alpha female.  You may have met her. She’s usually the one whose job title actually outweighs her qualifications.  Alphas find themselves in top, hi profile positions suddenly, overnight, with a resume that doesn’t quite make sense of it all. For instance, she may have been a model w/no college education, but she’s running a multimillion dollar fashion empire because of her “relationships”.  When she’s at a regular job, she’s polite, does her work, and goes through her own motions, but still has a motive.  She under promises and over delivers and knows this is the way to intrigue the higher ups.  She’s not partial to hanging with any particular crew at the job and will create her own.  She doesn’t see the workplace as a place to “work”, but a place to plan her next move.  She may piss people off and get “fired” because she has her own mind that believes her way is the best.  She actually believes she is smarter than the boss and sometimes acts that way, getting her in some hot water here and there.  She may also be the subject of whispers on the job because of how she dresses, talks, or acts.   She’s sharp, intelligent and calculating.  She stands out.  Make no bones about it.

She’s prone to using her wit, intelligence, and feminine assets to get noticed, too.  Flirting can be a weapon.  Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wasn’t the most beautiful woman but she was witty and loved flirting with reporters, according to reports.  This disarmed them and made her a media darling.   Others take it further.  Most alpha females don’t think sleeping with the boss is always a bad thing, but can be a two-way street if two are in mutual agreement.  In her world, there’s always more than one way to get something done.  To her, it is every woman for herself.  Thatcher once said, “I owe nothing to women’s lib.”  For the alpha female at work, it’s always about her, for she believes the more greatness she can acquire, the more greatness she can produce, and the more great her underlings can become.


  1. Joyce says:

    I cannot imagine me flirting with my fat ass, knocked kneed office manager ATALL!

    But I can kick his ass in accounting.


    good post.

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