Weekend Rewind: Tip 7 How To Be An Alpha Female

“An alpha female is full of contradictions often keeping her male partner in a suspended state, not sure exactly what to do with her…”

A man will never forget an alpha female.

There’s usually that one man or woman in our life, okay sometimes two or three that stand out from the rest. Rest assured that if you’re an alpha female, you may be the bar he’s holding other women up against. You may be the prototype those poor, other unassuming females have to compete with. You’re the proverbial phantom in the relationship that never seems to go away. One of the reasons is that, though the alpha female is well put together and straightforward, and a very reasonable woman, a man may never really know if she’s coming in through the front door or the back.

One week it may be hot with an alpha female—phone calls, bubbly, dining, soft whispers, giggly moments on the phone together, then the next week she is gone—doesn’t return phone calls, disappears for a few days, is elusive, reserved. It’s all something that may be planned or not. But she’ll usually keep an air of mystery, until she finds her compatible alpha male.  In the meantime, she will keep men in suspended states. Oftentimes, this may cost her a few good ones along the way. Why is she like this? Because she can’t completely be herself until she can see her future in this man’s eyes.  It may be a life long quest, but until that magnificent feeling, it’s all up for review.  On another note:  Beta men don’t quite have a handle on the alpha female and quickly take any form of distance as a sign of rejection. This is a red flag for an alpha female.

Beta men are easily offended, move on quickly, because they are quite undecisive. They are not the top pick among women so their egos are softer and they need to go through more women to find the right one. Where as the alpha male who is the top pick, finds his alpha females more of a challenge, a woman to be conquered. He may not react right away, and spend time with betas, but eventually he’ll make his way back to her. He has more women around him to choose from, and because of his need to sire alpha children he will choose his alpha female counterpart if she’s available (unfortunately, she usually isn’t because her numbers are few) to mate with. These unions usually create something spectacular in way of legacy and alpha progeny. Now, he can move on, but an alpha female won’t let him get away that easily, especially if he’s of high net worth 😉 or social status.

It’s so much easier to have our way with beta men. Until we meet our alpha male, and some of us are married to him, that is when we can be our true selves. As I said, something about an alpha male, when I see him, I walk differently, and I am like the soft petals of a rose around him—light, calm and relaxed. I fall right into my lane.

But if an alpha female has zoned in on an alpha male, be careful. She’s very persistent in making her presence known. She knows what she wants. She won’t stop until he catches her.

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  1. EbonyLolita says:

    Aha this explains alot. So often Im told “Why are u single” My reply is There hasn’t been a Man Man enough to match, if not exceed me. So… I’ll keep clicking my stilettos, flinging weave ova shoulder, and work on myself until that Match comes along. I have low tolerance for weak minded/spirited men. If your not Whole then I can’t be bothered. I am no one’s therapist/mommy and unfortunately the Beta men outnumber the Alphas. I’ll be doing me until I find an Alpha match!
    Love, EbonyLolita 🙂

  2. Kris says:

    I totally feel this article. My alpha male and I go through our withdrawals. I’m not mad at him, but I understand that sometimes we need to breathe and really see how much we miss each other. When we finally come together it’s magic. I do have a beta friend who is kind of a yes man, but I just met him. I can’t get my alpha male off my mind though. It’s nothing like one.

  3. Mina says:

    I am a classic Alpha woman. And I have been in love with my Alpha man for 10 years. We dated for 3 years. I moved to Miami to be closer to him. we were both young and Fab And living a Fab lifestyle and Trust was a major issue. I left when I got tired of being in the rotation. we both started situations with beta’s but always kept in contact. We have re-connected now for a year and Im ready to make the move again toward finally starting our destiny. I have been persistent yet reserved with my feelings. we both express love, but for me love comes through commitment. However I have always seen my future in his eyes. Do I make the move or move on? Life always comes full circle!

  4. word! says:

    This is too funny, cause I just had to break it down for a beta guy that I was dealing with not too long ago.

    Alpha females and beta males can never get along ever, it is the worst possible mix.

  5. Loving a bottom B says:

    Good article and good points. I hope I am able meet a real Alpha Female once I reenter the dating world.

  6. shawniebear says:

    Lol, I get that from my ex’s. I happen to be the one that they compare their current “girls” too. I am also the one that the their girls are jealous of and they bring me up constantly. I don’t get it. And it kills me when I hear that and I’m not in the least way involved with the guy anymore. I am also known to shut down and be distant at times, and that’s with family, friends, and relationships. Luckily my guy now gets it and doesn’t complain or try to be suspenseful….I love him for it.

  7. Cruz says:

    Beta men are like putty in my hands and I cannot stomach them for too long. They are great for a meal and some drinks but in the end it’s not even worth it to fool with them and their hyper sensitive ways. I for one will just hold out for my alpha male, one that is not phased by me, not phased by how much of a piece of work I am, one who doesn’t run away like a little bitch at the first sign of a disagreement because an alpha male doesn’t expect his alpha female to fit into a neat lil package, in fact that is one of the things he loves most about her. I decided to stop dating random beta dudes, a good book and a glass of wine are much better options.

  8. Noisy Girl/ Lovely... says:

    Interesting read. It’s nothing like bruising a man’s ego and attempting to deal with that man afterwards while he’s does everything in his power to translate his pain with rude and crude acts. There’s no way around it…WEAK MEN DESERVE WEAK WOMEN!

    Also, I’m always recognized by past boyfriends on how I changed and enhanced their life.

    Sorry but my fast is really shedding light on my past relationships…

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