Tip 6: How To Be An Alpha Female

“You immediately know when an alpha female walks in the room; enters at the same status as the leaders in the room, she glides in; close mouthed smile, eyes canvassing everything for the big swoop down…”

This is so important and I’m going to tell you why.  If you enter a room in any other way people are going to wonder why you’re even there.  You can tell a lot about a person by how they walk into a room.  It shows you how they see the world: either as a friendly place or a dangerous, cautious place.  They either walk in and their energy says “Hello World!” or “Hello, World?”

Picture yourself.  In a room, and an alpha female walks in and does what she does above.  She believes the world is kind, receptive, and full of happy surprises.  She automatically feels liked.  Your first thought is “Who is that? She must be one of the speakers or something.”  You may hate her or love her, but that’s not the point.  She got noticed. In her world, what’s the point of going out if you’re going to be invisible.  Might as well stay home alone for that one.  Then there’s the next chick.  She thinks the world is unfriendly, and most likely her experiences with people prove her right.  She’s the one who walks in like a mouse.  Quiet, slow, finds a seat in the back.  People wonder why the hell she come for, another one taking up space.  Nothing annoys me more than to see a mouse walk in the room.  Nobody likes mice. Of course there are instances, where I know no one and want to blend in the back, I make my rounds and move on.  No need to linger around some place where no goals can be accomplished.  And as an alpha, your whole point for being there is because you want to get something done, from fun to a new position.  Because of the alpha view that the world is friendly and giving, she receives a lot.   People want to get to know her, while the mouse mopes around the room shooting evil glances.

If you’re a mouse, here are a couple of tips to walk in the room:

  1. Arrive early if you can.  Myth is arriving late is fashionable, but it’s always predictable.  About 65% of people arrive late.  You, hon, will arrive early or on-time.  That is the best way to get the fresh pickins, while everyone is curious, engaged, and peppy.
  2. Smile, and always talk to the host first.  People will believe you know them.
  3. Don’t be loud, be more of an observer, the silence you show will make people curious.  When you have something to say make sure it’s different, ambitious, and has to piss at least one person off in the room.

Remember, you want them talking about you when you leave.  As I said, if not you were invisible.  Most people walking around are.  Not trying to quip, just being real.  It doesn’t matter who you see, it’s who sees you, really sees you.


  1. Macy says:

    Neva really thought about how I walk in a room but I noticed how other people do. This makes sense! I am definitely a mouse but that is me all around just trying to work on it; hope this site can help.

  2. caligirl says:

    A great smile works like a charm. Men love it too.it makes you come off as approacable, warm and fun. Also,its good to maintain direct eye contact when you’re talking to a guy.Save the mean-muggin for another place.

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