Tip 4: How To Be An Alpha Female

An alpha female can be ruthless, more so than a man, because you never see it coming, she’ll smile, then cut ‘ya…

Alpha female and Vogue magazine editrix Anna Wintour is known just as much for her infamous “aloof” and “detached” personality as she is for her infamous sunglasses that are just within millimeters of her reach in the above photo.

An alpha female is not someone you want to cross.  Being that she is unique, you won’t see her sweat or hear her cussing out anybody.  She is calm, collected, but calculating.  Emotional outbursts and neck twisting threats are not her thing.  That is associated too much with typical female responses.   She maintains her togetherness or poise as much and for as long as she can.  She doesn’t believe in pay back, but she does believe in back pay.  She will go to the ends of the earth if she has to and destroy you through fear or some other method that will surprise you.  For instance, one woman I interviewed a few years back was a producer at a popular tv news magazine. She blocked the promotion of an alpha female in the office who was more than qualified. 

Eventually, the alpha female chick was fired, and not promoted.  The woman in the office responsible for this was relieved that’s she no longer had to deal with her.  Low and behold, 2 years later, she runs into the alpha female, who is the woman her husband left her for.  She had no idea who the other woman was until then.  The alpha female and the husband have been married for 10 years and going strong.  It was calculated and it was planned.  Please do not play.  It worked, whether we agree with it or not.

Of course, there are alpha females who may not go to these extreme measures, but an alpha female can be your greatest ally or worst enemy.  She has a few enemies of her own and keeps them very close to her.  In fact, she’ll smile in your face, and in the next scowl.  She doesn’t go around fighting little battles.  She actually lets lots of things slide.  Alpha females are never about appealing to the masses.  She doesn’t sugarcoat anything or try to be politically correct about her motives.  She knows life hurts sometimes, and sometimes, we can’t all do it the right way. 

You would never find her busting out a man’s window or copping his identity and sellng it to a man named Gustavo in Mexico for a few stacks.  She would never do anything illegal, or at least avoid it as much as possible.  But she may try another covert method or see Mama Clara up in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica to get some “advice” with a little “love spell.” She only fights the wars, as long and arduous as they may be.  She isn’t about being right or wrong, but winning—all the time.

If you’re an alpha female in a tough situation always weigh the rewards and against the consequences, calculate your efforts, then proceed with caution, and a smile.


  1. Lovely says:

    I read this on Balleralert. I have a boss who is an Alpha female to the 10th power. If you cross her it is said that she’ll ruin your career by getting you black listed. It’s also said that if you talk about her staff no matter how unqualified they are she’ll make your life miserable.

    She’s very political and uses all her power to stay in power. I was told if you can’t make her look good then there no need to be around.

    Can’t do anything but respect it!

  2. Deyanna says:

    This is my 1st comment because I have been watching this site for a while. I agree with everyone. I also think that what the post insinuates is true and will not be what many women are capable of doing. Most women would walk away hold your head up and move forward OR cuss somebody out like they dont got no mama, and the other 10 percent or so would be an alpha female who would get back in her own way. It is a small percentage because the world is NOT full of alpha females or this way of thinking. It also shows WHY alpha females are so successful and qet to the top without following the manual. When I looked at the alpha females like Martha Stewart, Benazir Bhutto and Hillary, I do not know them as women that people equate with NICE. Bhutto was killed because of what she stood for–her people and her principles. She let her voice be heard. They have their enemies and issues people talk about them but who wouldnt like some of their success? It’s like women always get the double standard. I respect Anna Wintour and how she make it do what it do. If she hadnt run her magazine the way she does it would have turned into a mock of the rest of them, all those magazines have like a new editor every year. People dont always like Anna but she delivers results. Just my two cent. I didnt want to make this long just feel strongly.

  3. Alicia says:

    I AM SO GLAD I FOUND THIS SITE! Post is funny and true. A friend sent it to me. First off, i am not what’s politically correct or the proper way of doing anything. Sometimes We cant just walk away. Shit happens. Dammit if I’m gonna mess up I wanna know the “right” way to mess up. My grandnanny was a sweet, little lady but she controlled our whole family and set us straight–not with her words but with something we never knew what to expect and we’d find out and say “grandnanny did that?” Yup, she sure did. That was how those ole school women did their things from–the back end.

  4. Tracey says:

    This has happened to me a few times; I let a lot of things go, but when i need to make my point, i make it, and it is heard, and i walk away quietly. This reminds me alot about my mama too! she definitely showed my daddy a thing or two.

  5. ms. tee says:

    I would never want to be labeled in this way. I do not pay back or give back pay. If you have crossed me the worst thing I could to you is withhold my friendship and inspiration. With my extensive creativity, loyalty and promising future, that alone is punishment enough.

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