Tip 19: How To Be An Alphanista

womancoquette1“Now when I enter a carriage, it almost empties. But there’s always one brave enough to stay.”—Grace Jones

Ay, ay, ay to be an alpha female.  You are either the most likeable or the most hated.  You are either the most social or the loneliest.  Look at who is around you, and think deeply about what has made them stay.  It could be that you are a good advisor, listener,
Teacher or friend, or simply make them feel good.

It’s those brave ones that interest Alphanistas.  They see our weakness, our vulnerability, our tantrums and still “get” us.  Because when we love, we love big, loud, messy, and passionate.  An alpha does not have it all figured out.  What she knows how to do is to respect those who stay, and those who want to be there.  She’s been dumped, yelled at, and thensome.  But she doesn’t stop going there.

Going into the unknown of what the next relationship will bring.  She dives right in, head first sometimes.  She knows that it is inside that relationship where she will find herself and be the woman she is to become.

If you have someone in your life that is brave enough to stay, cheers to you.


  1. Jewel says:

    After a rough break-up, this article was perfect encouragement. Thank you for sharing and reminding me I’m not crazy to still believe there is someone out there :-)!

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