Tip 15: How To Be An Alphanista

womancareer1“An alpha female has friends, but she is not necessarily friendly…”

Upon first meeting she may seem reserved, shy depending on the circumstances. Not in a way that she withdraws, but in an observatory manner. For instance, she’ll take out her hand and shake yours with confidence, and flash a smile that dazzles. But don’t be fooled. She’s not being friendly, but she’s being cordial. She’ll ask the right questions of you to assess what you’re all about and build false confidence that she likes you. Most likely if she continues talking, she does, but again, take it slow.

If she doesn’t like you, you’ll know by her silence. She’s not rude, nor a bitch, just detached. Alpha females can be social, but not overtly. She likes to piece meal her times out, and her times alone. Her times alone are where she recharges, and revisions. She needs this more than others because she’s constantly assaulted by wonderful ideas and exciting projects she wants to take on. At times, she may not even call her friends, unless they call her. They don’t take it personal though because they know she is on her grind. However, there are some who may talk about her, but that never bothers her anyway. When she was born, the nurses couldn’t stop their banter and fuss over her.

Alpha females need to be careful how they are portrayed as unfriendly when she isn’t.  In Tip 9 I wrote about how charisma can go a long way and how important it is to catch bees with honey.   But none of us are perfect all the time.  What  may seem like innocent behavior can be exaggerated by others.   Another reason, why many alpha females decide to have a close, small circle of friends.  Only 1 of 2 of these friends will see her vulnerabilities–something that we all have.

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  1. Maryann says:

    I agree, that is why having charisma goes a long way. Alot of women are not naturally friendly for various reasons, it’s an important skill we need to influence others esp in the business world. In turn alphanistas need to be mindful of this.

  2. Although I’m a total loner in my personal life, I make it a habit to be friendly to others because I’m constantly networking and I need to have good people skills. This is how you get game. This is how you make others trust you enough to share their success secrets and techniques.

    Friendliness can be your ultimate weapon when it comes to success. Unfriendly behavior makes me think a person is unhappy, insecure, and victimized.

    Great post though because I know TONS of women like this!

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