Tip 10: How To Be An Alpha Female

womanblack“An alpha female crushes her female competition to get the most wanted man in the room, in fact she revels in her power over men, in fact, men love her for it…”

This tip right here can go so many different ways.  Sigh.   First let me clarify why an alpha would need to do this: She doesn’t like competition.  Now, it gives her an indication of what level’s she’s at, but when it comes to a man, she has to be the top.  She will also do whatever she can to sway other women and distract them until she slips further and further into his life.  The alpha female understands that sometimes men need direction.  They won’t always know that you were made for him.  Please, do not take this to mean that you should go out there and direct that riff raff you’ve been chasing. No, this is only for the, oh gosh, I don’t even know if ya’ll ready.  But here it goes: Money men.

These men are few in numbers.  The chances you’ll run into one at Starbucks is like .001.  The chances you’ll meet one at a high net worth charity event is like 50%.  The chances you’ll meet one at a private function hosted by one is 75%.  Do we see a pattern here?  So, the competition is pretty tough to the average girl.  But for the alpha female she’s sees everything as a possibility.  A woman like her could very well meet him at Starbucks and be the envy of her friends for generations.  Now, who wouldn’t like that?

The alpha female differentiates herself.  While the other women are approaching this man she will stay to the side.  While they walk around the room to be noticed she’ll be inching closer to him by standing still.  She had already practiced remote viewing earlier in the evening.  She’ll use that to tune into this man from afar.  [Definitely worth looking up if you don’t know] Next, while the other women are parading themselves,  hoping he’ll talk to them or have their cell phones out in case he decides to ask for their number, she’ll slip him a business card.  In fact, she may not even say a word to him that night.  With the eye contact and remote viewing she did earlier will all make it easier for him to notice her.

While she’s keeping an eye on him, she’ll also watch his habits and gestures.  She’ll start mimicking those to initiate bonding.  For instance, I was at an event like this years ago, when I noticed one of my girl friends kept playing with her ear.  We were in close proximity to the very desirable host of the event.  She told me she’s doing it because XYZ does it every time he talks.  He was in a good clear eye shot of her so they exchanged several glances.  Don’t you know, that he came up to her and asked her brought up the ear habit?  Funny, but true. They dated for a while.  He felt instantly bonded.

Another unique thing about the alpha female is that men treat her differently and love being around her.  They get a boost from her because she knows how to be around men.  She can get away with being called lots of nasty things.   Men usually call her “interesting”.

So, there.  This is the final alpha female tip until further notice.  All the tips will be available in a FREE ebook with extra information to help the “alphanista” growing in you.   I also don’t expect you to understand and agree with all the tips, but broaden your options to more than 1 way of doing something.  Remember if you’re doing something right all the time, and you are still stuck, you ain’t right.


  1. shawniebear says:

    I’m not a money man chaser at all reason being I’d rather be with someone I’m truly feeling and love. However, I do agree with the staying kind of ‘low key’ when it comes to flirting or having that person notice you…just be yourself.

  2. James says:

    Nonverbal communication, if women would only shut their mouths and use more of it, and I don’t mean the neck twist or rolling of the eyes either

  3. Chandice says:

    Girl, My husband said he dreamed of me, and that was because of oh well, you know. So when we met it was instant. he was like I seen you before. I said, I know!


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