Tip 1: How To Be An Alpha Female

Tip 1–A woman unafraid to use, and sometimes, exploit her femininity to get her way with men or seal a business deal

You know that woman on your job.  She dresses to kill, hair is perfect, hips sway every time she walks, and is always smiling.  The men love her, swarm her desk with “good mornings” and leave little candies in her pencil holder.   If she’s the office secretary, she can usually get the mailroom guys to drop their copy jobs to do her stack of copies without a problem.  If she’s the VP, she can get the President to fire somebody or give her the next promotion without a “review”.  Or at least, not the one the little people have to get.  Her review would most likely be over dinner, or, cozy lunch with the boss.  When used wisely, feminine power can shake trees.  It’s about being confident, knowing how to say things is more important than what you say.   She doesn’t cry wolf, and could care less about sexual harassment suits.  She doesn’t see any other reason why women wear 5 inch heels to work other than for a man, and doesn’t quite understand how other women become so easily offended when they capture a man’s fancy at work.

An alpha-female believes she has what it takes, and is proud of her femininity and all it offers the world, for she sees herself as a gift to the world, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She loves every bit of being a woman, not just a lady.  It’s her choice to use her sexuality as she wishes to make her climb to the top more risky, adventurous, and fun.

Do you have to be beautiful to get your way with men?  No way.  Again, it’s how you say things.  It’s the confidence you wear, not how much you weigh.  Men are the most gullible of creatures, and a woman who knows how to take care of them, will get very far–at home and at work.

Click here for more information on how to build charm and talk to others.  It’s not like we’re all born with this, unfortunately.


  1. Zee says:

    Cool post, however not all women dress for the attention of a man. There’s a difference between attraction and action. No woman should put up with sexual harassment (catcalling, groping etc.). Just because a woman dresses beautifully doesn’t mean she’s aiming for the attention of a man, a man would look at her anyway, because she’s a woman! Duh. It’s a whole different story when a guy smacks you on the ass. Alpha females revel and their femininity, but they DON’T put up with disrespect.

  2. Nicky says:

    too didn\’t overstand why women wear tight skirts and heels to work if they weren\’t gonna work it for a reason (hmm looking in closet with what to wear tomorrow, u never know)

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