This Post Is About Nothing


Just the rambling thoughts of an Alphanista:

1.  Alpha females dealing with other alpha females takes work you always have to think ahead of what they are thinking because they can be calculating, always pause before you write or say anything to them

2.  Life isn’t that serious you CAN hop on a plane and start over where nobody knows your name

3.  We put the expectations on ourselves and others nobody asked us to

5.  I like deep people, maybe even a little crazed, somebody who makes me uncomfortable makes me comfortable.  Get it?  Albert Einstein was nuts.  Take me to lunch with Oliver Stone.  Nut people speak the truth

6.  Life is really a beautiful thing, an opportunity to change at once is always there, but we rarely take it, because we believe in evil and not good

7.  I like helping people who can help themselves

8.  All of my friends are interesting, bold, rule breaking, trailblazing gals, wouldn’t have it any other way.  Just a little nuts themselves, but oh so regular to the world

9.  Don’t you hate lists that don’t end in 3, 5, or 10?

You understand me if you understand this ramble.  Love you!

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