There’s More Than One Way To Get Your Independence

usher-and-mekaBy Guest Blogger, Monica Smalls

No matter what folks say about Tameka Foster, she managed the ultimate coup.

She completely isolated a man, took over is life, got pregnant, and will be supported for the rest of her life via the unfortunate divorce.  All in two years or less.  Tameka has no way of making her own life, so she reinvented herself to take over someone else’s.

This 4th of July think about it.  What can you do to drastically change your life?  To redefine what independence means to you?

Guest Blogger, Monica Smalls is a newly certified life coach.  She is working on her website, and is a former chef for wealthy singles and families.


  1. soledtress says:

    There is definitely more to this Usher/Tameka story…that only they know but it sure would answer a lot of questions those of us following them have…I do hope they can come to some type of amicable dissolution (is that possible?)…..

    on another note thank you Monica for giving me some food for thought…I do need to redefine my Independence and I am ready for the challenge..I am planning and waiting for one thing to fall into place and then it’s ON!

  2. Aliya Martin says:

    @ Zabeth, I don’t pay much attention to this celeb news myself. This is one of the few. Stories I DID monitor…for this particular moment/reason. Yes, she did have a very successful business before him. What threw me for a loop was her obvious involvement in his brand and not attempting to build her own…even if, through his, a la “Jayonce” (oops, did really I say that? LOL)

  3. Maryann says:

    @Zabeth a lot of it is cruel what people say about Tameka, at least the man married her, and she didn’t resign herself to be his jumpoff. It was all or nothing. She played hard, and won the goal (pun intended).

  4. Zabeth says:

    Tameka did have her own brand and business before she met Usher. From my understanding she was a successful celebrity stylist- that’s how she met Usher. That’s why I really don’t understand this line: “Tameka has no way of making her own life, so she reinvented herself to take over someone else’s.”

    Maybe it’s just me and it’s maybe it’s because I don’t follow rap and hip hop all that closely. But I really don’t get why so many BW want to hate on Tameka. To me it’s just jealousy.

  5. Shauna says:

    Maybe if Tameka had used that strategy to build her own brand and business she’d be far better off.

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