The Year of The Black Man…So Why Did CNN Miss It?

A blind, Black NYS governor, a Black nominee for President of the U.S. and now meet, Mark Whitaker, the replacement for Tim Russert’s role as Washington Bureau Chief and head of NBC’s Meet the Press. He will NOT be the host, but will be instrumental in choosing one. Mark is also Senior VP of NBC News, but who would’ve known? He was also one of the only black editors of a major national news magazine, Newsweek. But I bring this all up to say, again, that there is a burgeoning black middle class or some kind of renaissance thing happening and has BEEN happening (see all the books written about this). Black people, as a collective are earning more than they ever had in their lives in this country. They are also buying more homes, graduating college and black men are doing their thing out in on the world’s stage. From President to Meet the Press these are all hi-profile international gigs.

Not that anybody asked, but if there is another CNN ‘special’ on Black in America, these are my topics to focus on: middle-class YOUNG Blacks, the age of the weave and how it has redefined and underwhelmed Black beauty, black single women and marriage (that is a must), black marriages and its unique intricacies (there are more stay at home black moms with white nannies (see NYT)), Black economics, the ethnic divide among blacks (American Blacks vs Caribbean Blacks, the second largest groups of Blacks in the U.S), black men and sex (especially since black folks have always been conservative in this area, they are NOT anymore, sort of reflecting the rap music, etc), the fall of rap (a rap CD can barely break Gold these days), the rise of the “glamorous life” (every 13 year old girl wants a boy who has a car, a diamond in his ear, and rims) perpetuated by videos and music that is causing an increase in STDS and pregnancies among Black teens, and the black church (has changed some of its conservative leanings to accommodate new groups of people), gentrification, etc.

What did I miss?


  1. Anonymous says:

    …..I agree! The only thg tht made snse to me was the food segment, i live in bed stuy and can’t find a decent food staff, but whites live here, too, so not sure if tht is a blk prob, or just a zoning dilemma.

  2. Deneyce says:

    I definitely did not see anything I could relate to in that CNN mess. I am single, and happy, and want to be married. Why did they focus more on the cynical, angry black woman, than the sister who was still out there on her blind date making it work?

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