The Virgin Monologues: Get Him To Court You

Avoid This Feeling After A Date....

By Guest Blogger, Gladys Wilson

The primary purpose of dating should be to see if your partner is marriage material.

Practicing Christians solve this problem by courting. However, if you just want to see if your partner is your best match then read on. The key to finding out if your partner is the right one for you is to have a sex-free date. That minor sacrifice will pay off in the end. When choosing a dating venue always choose activities that will show how well you and your partner work together.

Cooking Classes

Check your city guide online and you should find cooking class for two. It will cost you around $90, which is the average price of a decent date. A cooking class can show you so many things about your partner. For example:

-Is your partner secure enough to take instructions from other people, or does he have a know-it-all attitude?

-When mixing ingredients, is it a synchronized dance or it is struggle, with constantly bumping hands.

Habitat for Humanity (This can be any community service project)

It is always good to know if your partner has a charitable heart. It will show you that he has compassion for other people, which will translate beautifully into your relationship. He will show you compassion and love instead of humiliation and degradation. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

-Is you partner enthusiastic about this community service project? Or is he just mad and does not want to spend his day in the heat building a house for people he doesn’t know.

-Once at the building site, does your date interact with other people? Does he seem helpful and hard working, or is he talking or on his phone and seems disinterested in the things going on around him?

-Does your partner show concern for you? Is he asking you things like, are you ok, do you need some water, etc?

All of the above information will help you see some of the true characters of your partner and will help you make the right decisions about them. Remember at the end of your date; he drops you off and goes home. No spending the night. No sex will leave the both of you curious about the other and want to spend more time with each other.

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  1. Gladys says:

    There is never any sex until to get married and the preacher says. i now pronounce you husband and wife. It can be tough, but well worth it. Your wedding night will be full of discovery.

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    All I can do is nod my head in agreement. Initially I agree with this. Eventually, I wanna know if there’s a physical/sexual connection as well 🙂

  3. Zabeth says:

    “The key to finding out if your partner is the right one for you is to have a sex-free date.”

    I completely agree. Those also sound like fun date ideas too. Another idea is hiking. It’ll give you an opportunity to see if he has any deference for you (i.e. is he a gentleman, does he help you through difficult parts, do you challenge each other). You can also do a lot of talking and learn more about each other on a hike. I also think it’s important to hear what your date says and to make sure his words match up with his actions. Some less than savory characters will say a lot of things on the first few dates to get into your pants. Hold him to his word and give him a chance to prove that he means what he says.

  4. mavis says:

    Courting is a great thing, lately (the last couple of years) I’ve had to teach the men interested in me what it is & how its done. At first it was a struggle but it QUICKLY weeds out the men who just want sex. If they don’t have time or won’t make the effort to court me then I don’t waste my time & effort on them. Great write up!

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