How To Be An Alpha Female: The Spa Lunch


I’m not talking about the lunch as much as going to the spa during lunch.

Ideally, you had a great power breakfast this morning that lasted longer than usual because of the burst of big ideas and inspiration.  After a little shopping (windows included) in the city, you need a break.  You walk by all the cubicle workers and feel the sorriest for them.  You have an appointment at an exclusive spa that is usually booked weeks in advance.  It’s your favorite too.  Organic.  At around noon, you waltz in and they expect you, and before you can take a seat you feel like royalty.  Don’t you always?

Secluded in the back you get your facial, stone massage, hydrotherapy treatments and body scrubs.  As you enjoy your treatments from one room to the next or should I say, one suite to the next, because this place is tops, you chat with a crew of friendly Upper East Side socialites who are sort of amused by you.  In a good way.  They plug you in to a charity event they think you should attend.  Well, why not?  This is your version of social networking.  Your goal is to eventually join a committee anyway, it’s been on your t0-do for the last 3 months.

Two hours later you are refreshed and glowing.  Flipping through your favorite magazine and noshing on a lite lunch, you realize how the time has zipped by.  You have pre-dinner cocktails in the next few hours you have to get ready to attend.

The spa lunch is a perfect way to start winding down your day or winding up your day depending on your caffeine intake.  It is not just a spa experience, but a people experience because the women you meet at the spa can be just what you need.

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