The Power Of Auto-Suggestion

womantiredBefore I get into the details, let me just say that these things and methods really don’t matter unless your back is up against the wall.

If your life is fine and dandy, you may not care.  But if you are going through something, and have tried every way possible, it’s time to try something that’s free.  Something you can do at night before bed.  This is far more intricate than affirmations, which are powerful in and of itself.  Autosuggestion can change the direction of your life.

Most folks know about it through hypnotists who “suggest” things to a “sleepy” person and the person begins to act on it.  What’s happening is that the person is acting out what their subconscious mind is picking up on.  When you use auto-suggestion, you are merely suggesting things or ideas to yourself.    In turn, you’ll begin to act them out.  We auto-suggest stuff to ourselves all the time: “I am tired” “I hate driving” “I always lose”  “People don’t like me”  “I’m broke.”  Then we live these experiences.  Everything you do is controlled by suggestions.

Why not suggest things to yourself that can make your life better?  It takes practice, but if your life depended on it, you’d do it.  Okay, maybe just half of you would.  Because, again, it can take a while and make you lose patience.  You shouldn’t do it alone, but alongside a good friend, or book that shows you how.

*Danielle S., who is currently using this method explains it like this:

I needed money.  The rent was two months past due.  I prayed and prayed and didn’t understand why things weren’t happening.  It was like I was asking for the opposite in my prayer because I kept getting more of the bad.  So, I did what you said, and strange stuff starting to go down like that night!  I had 3 great ideas, including one crazy one that said send my photo to casting directors!  I was like,  what?!  I had stopped doing that years ago and was just focusing on getting jobs that pay the rent while I study makeup and fashion.  Anyway, I signed up for this service online that sends your photo out, and low and behold I got an audition to be the host of a talk show on a small local cable show.  I got the audition and they chose me!  This was all in 5 days because when I signed up for consideration it was the day before the deadline.  The money came in and I got the money, I paid 2 months arrears immediately, and still had left over!”

“Autosuggestion” is also the third chapter of the book, Think and Grow Rich for obvious reasons.  If you use it properly you’ll begin to get hunches, gut feelings, and certain inspirations to act on things.  You must act on these things.   Other ways you can use auto-suggestion is by changing your tone of voice when communicating with others, and I touched on that last week.  An alphanista is always about using methods that most people dismiss or misunderstand.  She’s about getting “there” by any means neccessary.

Of course, we will further explore this in the Alphanista Inner Circle.   For more information on using certain methods (all legal!) to change the course of your life, Fill Out The Info Below!

*name changed for privacy


  1. I am a firm believer in the power of words! You can speak life or death into any situation so I choose to speak life over my finances, my marriage, my family and my career. Yes there are bumps along the way but overall I’ve seen my words become self-fulfilling prophecies time & time again.

  2. Aliya Martin says:

    Funny this particular subject should come up. A year ago, I started to apply this principle when I found all areas of my life coming to a screeching halt. Started to feel defeated, no matter how hard I resisted. A good friend pointed out the difference in my tone when I spoke about my troubles. He was right!! Because the pace in my plan’s progress had slowed down, it had become progressively difficult to speak positively about any of my efforts (I CAN’T deal with this…”, “they WON’T let me…”). I now realize, I perpetuated my own maddening cycle by limiting my thoughts of getting past my troubles. Since I have been checking out Alphanista, I am again encouraged to think past what could happen, and focus on WHAT WILL HAPPEN…the power of suggestion! Things are not happening immediately. Actually, the old me would say I took another set-back (I was recently laid off). I now realize, that this is what I asked for (maybe I should have been more specific in thought, huh?). I now have the time to pursue and accomplish goals that I might not have otherwise made for myself (very hectic work schedule). Most results don’t come immediately and may not come in the exact form that you expect but they do come. For these reasons, you need to have patience for this because one day your life just might depend on it. THIS IS NOT FOR PUNKS, LOL!

  3. S.Cherry says:

    Hmmm, I also read Napoleon Hill\’s Think and Grow Rich but I can honestly say I didn\’t work hard enough to apply it\’s principles. I know the book has helped a lot of people; Hell Russell Simmons practically ripped it off when he wrote his book (allegedly, LOL). I think I will go back and read that chapter about autosuggestion, maybe this time I\’ll actually do it.

  4. Mischae says:

    So I’m supposed to talk myself into being rich and happy>>>>>>>>>>>>>Well, it hasn’t worked!

  5. Deja says:

    Word! This is the real. It is NOT easy. But I use it, it has bought me lots of luck. PEOPLE you gotta focus!

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