The Italians Do It Better


italianwife2So, it seems like this was a week of wives scorned with folks (ahem!) coming out of the woodwork writing books about their husband’s cheating ways and how they’ve overcome.

But how do the Italians do it?  Just so happens the Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi and his wife of lotsa years are finally calling it quits and she may get half of his billion dollar empire.  But here’s the thing:  She has been dealing with this man’s infidelity forever, and moved out.  They lived fine and dandy in seperate homes, all expenses taken care of, and she even had a “side sir” aka a young man attending to her needs.  Until the shish hit the fan too hard:

“The last straw was when Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi attended a knock-out model’s 18th birthday party. Berlusconi’s wife, Veronica, who had endured his very conspicuous flirtations and shameless political appointments of unqualified models and actresses, could take no more. She publicly demanded a divorce from Italy’s most powerful man….”–The Daily Beast

The whole point is not that they are divorcing but the fact is they found a way to be together, while being apart.  Here is a lesson for all women.  Veronica knew of his ways, she’s in her 50s, he’s 72.  There’s about a 20 year age difference there. She knew what she was buying into with a powerful man.  Here’s what she said:

“In a biography called Veronica’s Tendency, the Italian first lady confided that she had little in common with her husband—least of all political views. But she said she was a good wife. “I think I’m the perfect kind of wife for the kind of man Silvio is,” she said. “He can concentrate on himself and his work knowing his wife won’t create a fuss if he’s away.”

And that’s what it’s about–knowing what you buy and its proper feeding and care.  Not acting “surprised” because you were asleep for 20 years of your marriage, like somebody we know in the media.   I take my hat off to this woman because she did her part.   Despite any pain she endured, she wins.  The President does, too, he just has to pay for it in dollars.  Notice how he didn’t file, but she did.

These types of mutual arrangements in marriage are very common until one of them has to bail out for sake of sanity, as with this couple.  But now, everyone can shake hands and walk away.  It’s all about being on the same page, until the book is done through death or through pen…..

Just like the saying goes, “It’s just as silly to get married just because you love somebody, and to get divorced, just because you don’t.”

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  1. Leilam says:

    Great Post- I agree whether you are dating or married you have to know the package you are getting- if your man had the potential to stray , had a roving eye, and youre still with him hey thats his package! Seems like Berlusconi and his wife had an agreement and he violated the terms- and she called him out on it using the media to her advantage! Youre right Maryann she played her part and he didnt live up to his- I dont know about the laws in Italy on what shes entitled to but wasnt he a millionaire even before he was premiere? I think so shes gonna be rich with her young stud!

  2. EbonyLolita says:

    I agree Veronica handled it with more poise and FEVAH!! She appears to have held her head high and caused the Pres to scramble to the presses to redeem his ego/image. Meanwhile Vernonica dropped her statements and kept “Pushing forward!!” I guess her breaking point came when his infidelity became “public” and that’s when the deal was off. Hey she set her rules in this arrangement and took confidence to a whole new level. My type of Alphanista. Good post Maryann
    EbonyLolita 🙂

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