The Good Life: How To Meet A “Keeper”

by Lisa Vega

If you’re planning to meet a gentleman who likes to spoil his lady with love and generosity, I doubt you’d go to Chili’s to find him.

Becoming a kept woman is not about dating/mating for money; it’s about dating from the right POOL of gentleman. After all, being a Kept Woman is not about getting comfortable with just any old guy, it’s also about establishing a friendship and mutually beneficial relationship.

With that in mind, today’s Good Life Installment, is about WHERE to find Mr. Right after you’ve gotten yourself together. First you have to ask yourself, what type of man do I want? Do you want a man that is flashy and boisterous, or low-key and quiet?

Next, it is important that you learn a few things about how to spot an Affluent Man when you see one. They generally don’t wear flashy clothing and jewelry, if any. Affluent men tend to wear well-tailored suits and/or sportswear, with nice shoes (NO Sneakers), a single ring on their pinkie or ring finger of either hand, and a class, yet striking timepiece. If you are catching him on one of his rare stints of out-of-office lunch, he may be also wearing cuff links.

But he will NEVER be wearing the following:
•    Earrings (this may be debatable)
•    Gold chains
•    Necklaces with large decals or “pieces” on them
•    Multiple rings on either hand
•    Bracelets
•    Timepieces or watches with “bling” on them

Ladies, it is imperative that you pay attention to these types of details, lest you be duped by an imposter who just wants to waste your time and energy.

Once you have spotted your potential, it is okay to send him signals that you are interested. The fastest way to let a man know you are open is to smile! It not only makes you look beautiful, but it also puts him at ease about coming over (unless you go over first).  Once the two of you are within earshot of one another, find something to compliment him on. Tell him you like his tie or his timepiece, he will be glad that you broke the ice. After this, it is up to you to sell him on your stellar personality, wit, and charm.  Use this time to feel him out and determine if he is someone you would like to get to know better; if you two connect, make future plans! Stay tuned…

NOTE: If you DON’T have anything intelligent to say, I suggest holding off on this until you have had time to become more articulate and well-read. You can do this by visiting your local bookstore and picking up a few best-sellers and reading the national and local news. 


  1. Renee says:

    I definitely agree with so many points in this post. The only exception that I find, time and time again, is bracelets. Usually they are very simple ones– John Hardy (with no extra flash to it), David Yurman, etc– and never worn at work.

    Great article!

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