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flylady_toonIn the most recent Alphanista newsletter, I shared with subscribers how this site is changing my life day by day.

For the last few weeks things have been hectic, slowing down, but still hectic.  My calls weren’t getting returned (which never happens!) and emails were piling up because I wasn’t doing much responding juggling being an author, writing, teaching others, and stuff.   I caught myself right in the middle, tho.  This is 2009 My Harvest year.  That is the theme, I reminded myself.

I realized that I needed to create a welcoming space for the harvest.   I was losing my structure and support systems and it was only January.   So, I got new ones.   I joined Flylady which stands for Finally Loving Yourself. They have so much info on that site, but I began on the “Getting Started”  baby steps plan.  It is a 31 day plan to creating an easier, better daily existence.

The secret according to Flylady is having a shiny sink!  I tried it, and it does make a difference.  It’s not just clean, but the site says it is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Interesting philosophy.  Hey, anything to get a clean kitchen and house. This weekend I organized my clothes by outfit and preplanned dinners for 2 weeks.  Only 6 dinners, 2 ingredients only, and snacks.  Grocery shopping is easier now and I’m more likely to cook and not be stressed out.

They have a Home Blessing Hour, cool gadgets and organizing tools, and so much more.  Your outer world is only reflecting back to you how you feel everyday.  As soon as I started on my new structure and support systems my world started to reflect back more support.  It’s only Day 3 for me.  You can join me now by doing the baby steps and keep me posted on how much of a difference it’s making in how you feel.


  1. Leah Mullen says:

    Yes, I read about in a book called Stress Proof Your LIfe by Elisabeth Wilson, but I\’ve never visited the site. Need to get there soon 🙂

  2. Loving a bottom B says:

    Great post. To have a good life who got to have some structure to make your life easier. Discipline and structure are key to life. Good to see you on your grind. Glad you on it Maryann.

  3. Shanice says:

    You aint saying nuttin but a word. It is so TRUE that if we dont take care of ourselves our experience is wack in this world, I mean really building the things that you need. I signed up for the baby steps. 2009 is mine.

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