Good Life: Fancy Hands

By Guest Blogger Mila

Attention ladies…

You all have the best makeup products, moisturizers, and accessories, but are you missing a hand sanitizer? Doesn’t sound like a makeup case essential right? In fact it sounds super dweeb-ish. But, in these days, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe and carry something that will kill off bacteria, especially if you are always on-the-go or in crowded places.  The good news is that there are some really nice hand sanitizers that you won’t mind carrying around. They smell good and come in nice packaging. Add one to your purse!

Here are some of my favorite finds-

–         Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac Deep Cleansing Hand Gel– The perfect size for a small bag, this hand sanitizer comes in all different flavors from Coconut Lime to Fresh Lemon. I think one of the most popular scents is Cucumber Melon. So many of my friends carry it and love the way it smells. Don’t use too much though, or it leaves a residue-like feeling on your hands. One drop is good enough.

–         Burt’s Bees Hand Sanitizer with Aloe & Witch Hazel– I like this product because it is 100% natural and also smells fantastic. The aloe gives your hands a nice soothing sensation and the witch hazel is especially good for sensitive skin. You’ll love how your hands feel after using this product. The good thing is, you don’t need to put lotion on after.

–         Ed Hardy Habit Hand Sanitizer– Yup, it’s finally here- designer hand sanitizer! For those of you who are very fashion conscious and Purell just doesn’t cut it, try this edgy hand sanitizer by Christian Augdigier, Ed Hardy designer. The packaging is awesome, and the sanitizer does the job. It’s a little bit more expensive then other products (what do you expect, it’s Ed Hardy?), but it is pretty cool. Even though its just hand sanitizer in a designer bottle, when Habit first came out, it went on backorder. Imagine that…such high demand for hand sanitizer that it went on backorder? Beat that Purell.

Mila is in her twenties and lives and works in New York City. She loves writing, running, and good music. If there’s a dance party, she’s there

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  1. Andrea Vidler says:

    I’ve used the bath & body works hand cream at work and my coworkers have commented several times on the great smell by my desk…maybe also a good way to attract attention? or cover up if you forgot to put on perfume? or if you forgot to shower, haha

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