The Food Nazis Have Ruined Everything!

Remember the days, when you can just go out and eat?

Go out and shop.

Now everything is bad for you—soy, wheat, sugar, white flour, cured bacon, etc.   What’s left?!  I remember when a friend was giving me some fancy, new sugar for my tea, and I said “I like my sugar white!”  We cracked up laughing.  Who woulda thunk it?  That white sugar would be the most recognizable these days up against all those weird alternatives.  I don’t want none of that other stuff–stevia, levia, whateva, etc.  I don’t care how natural they claim.  If it’s ain’t the sugar cane itself….

I have also been wanting to weed soy out more, and more because of all the extra estrogen.  Then, come to find out it is in everything from bread to tea.  There are some shake products on the market that I would love to try, but they are laced with soy or whey.  I prefer Brown Rice protein powder.  The good kind.  It is very simple, and everyone knows brown.  It tastes great when you buy the right brand (Jarrow’s!).

I bought some mint tea and found it had soy.  Had to stop drinking it.  I went back to my regular mint tea.  I had some coconut oil spray, and that had soy too.    Then there are times when you have to eat the bread with HFCS.  Then you feel guilty or like you need to do a detox.  But I have vowed from now on to skip the guilt and keep it simple.  I will keep what I eat and what I buy the same.  No more buying new things that sit on the shelf just for the sake of health.

I’m going to focus on cooking the same meals and using the same products that I trust.  It’s when you start experimenting when it gets hard.  It sucks, that I don’t have a Publix near me.  There’s Whole Foods and Trader Joes, but it’s like war in there, sometimes!  If you live in NYC you have have long lines, tiny aisles, it is really like survival of the fittest.

I’ll post a few recipes when I can.



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