The $earch For the Perfect SugarDaddy…Ahem, Man…

How far will a woman go to meet a benefactor? Is it all what it’s cracked up to be–marrying a man who will take care of you? I contributed a blog about this on Baller Alert about a friend’s recent move to Dubai. Check out some of the responses of what some women will do for love, and a little security 😉

Men marry women for their upbringing and pedigree so what is the difference…this woman needs to be commended for having a goal/focus on how she wants her life to be and going for it. Don’t talk about it, be about it!

I don’t think me personally could up and move to another country? Maybe if I already had a place to stay and some dates lined up! LOL She is definitely an Alpha Female!

I dont think thats too much. If you dont have anything holding you back, whats the reason to stay somewhere you’re not happy??

Well I would move from London to the States to be with a good man so Dubai ain’t that bad…and have you seen those arab women? Yes they shop all day everyday and dont even work!

If she wants someone with money so she doesn’t have to work, we have plenty of that here….So she can go to dubai and get a millionaire, but still go to bed alone.

Any questions? LOL

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