The Beauty Of Spanish Moss

When I was in SC, I fell in love with Spanish Moss on big, sturdy trees.  But this was the same moss I lived among in South Florida and never gave it a second thought.  You can find Spanish moss on cypress, oak, magnolia trees, etc.

Here’s how it got its name:

“…from a tale about an 18th-century couple — a man and his Spanish fiancé — who, searching for a place to build a plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, were attacked by Cherokees. After killing the couple, the Cherokees cut off the Spanish woman’s long, black tresses and tossed them onto the branch of a live oak, where they turned gray and spread across the Southeast….”

They are wide and mysterious with long, hanging branches.  For some they may be an ugly or a “spooky” tree, but for me it represents a lot more.  To me, it is power and trust.  It represents those who may not be or act like the others, who appreciate being “different”, or who have not yet seen their own true beauty.  The Spanish moss tree is for you.

Enjoy and Happy New Year.


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