The Alphanista’s Submission To Her Future Obama

By Te-Erika Patterson

A Future Obama is a man who has lofty goals for himself and his family.

He fights battles day in and day out as he gains respect in his career and his community. He does NOT need to come home and fight battles as well. An Alphanista who chooses to support her Future Obama by being submissive is just as valuable as the dominant Alphanista who pulls her Future Obama toward success.

Just because you’re an Alphanista, doesn’t mean you have to control everything. The true essence of a brilliant Alphanista is gauged by her ability to pull back and allow others to contribute their value to the relationship so she doesn’t have to carry the load alone.

The only reason why ANY woman fights her husband’s decision making ability and authority is because she does not trust him to make the best decisions for their family. She views him as incompetent which may be a result of her mistrust of men in general.

In order to support her Future Obama, the Submissive Alphanista will:

1.       Make sure that the house is in order. The children are well taken care of and there is always a meal ready for her man. She does this to ensure that he is well taken care of so he will be physically and emotionally available to take care of her.

2.       Educate herself on his businesses and their practices. She wants to be an asset to all of his endeavors and even if she is unable to sit in the board room, he has to know that when an important decision is to be made, she is educated and intelligent enough to at least LISTEN and UNDERSTAND where he is leading his company and their family.

3.       Support him in his decisions Remind him of his wisdom and his ability to be a great leader. When a man knows his woman believes in him, it allows him to jump higher and run further than ever before, releasing his inner Superman. Many a great man has attributed his success to the unwavering support of his wife who believed in his dream when no one else did.

4.       Anticipate his needs and take care of them. Even something as small as picking up a package of under shirts when you notice that his are becoming worn or making sure you have a nice glass of wine ready after he comes home from work because you know he had a tiring day is all a man needs to make him want to keep coming home. Your home is his refuge from the battles of the world. You know that and you aim to make it his paradise so that he is free to lead and grow.

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