The Alphanista’s Power

By Te-Erika Patterson may appear to be a site that promotes the desire to be spoiled by rich men, live an outrageously FREE lifestyle and be more beautiful than every woman you meet, but really, we are all that and MORE!

An Alphanista does enjoy a lifestyle that many women admire and most do not believe they can have. But, the main ingredient that propels an Alphanista to her position of prominence is not in her shopping bags or her various bank accounts. A true Alphanista’s value is gauged by her awareness of her own superpowers.

An Alphanista’s power is developed as she grows from a tiny tot. Upon stepping outside of her comfort zone of having to ask permission for what she wants, she soon realizes that she can get more out of life by becoming more assertive. That one incident during which she recognizes that she can in fact, get what she wants, she will test the waters again and subsequently succeed. Once she recognizes a pattern, her imagination blooms and she begins to map out a lifestyle that pleases her spirit.

A true Alphanista is more than the man she chooses to partner with or the corporation she leads to financial success. A true Alphanista utilizes the superpowers that are given to every woman at birth. She accesses these powers and streamlines them to create the world around her.

The Alphanista’s eyes see the world differently than most. For most, the world is a dark, cruel place filled with unhappy surprises and vicious villains. The Alphanista knows that these dream stealers do not exist and laughs in the face of anyone who dares to try to force these pejorative beliefs upon her. Even before she sees the physical evidence of her desires, she is already enjoying it within the blissful folds of her imagination. Her imagined lifestyle is so real and so vivid that it is projected in the way she speaks, interacts with others and the way she views the world. The world is then transformed according to her expectations. Her power is so strong that others can’t help but bend to her commands.

The Alphanista knows her magic wand is her imagination and the authority to get what she wants when she wants it comes from a source that lives within. She never asks for permission to build her dream life; she simply walks into it gracefully. Every woman has this power, but a true Alphanista harnesses it most effectively.

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  1. Miss Andi K. says:

    Great post! I wish more of us realized that we can have whatever we want and think that we deserve out of this life. 😉

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