The Alphanista’s Nightmare

By Te-Erika Patterson

An Alphanista is a woman of poise and balance, actively deciding that she can control any negative emotions and turn any situation into one that is beneficial to her.

However, there are a few things that will cause an Alphanista to become enraged, disgusted and annoyed to the point where she will release her inner tigress and anyone in her pathway will not be pleased.

  • Unaccommodating Men – Are you telling me No? Is that because you can’t afford it or because you just don’t want to? Either way, there is no way I will have a man in my life that isn’t adamant about making sure I am well taken care of. I am an invaluable addition to your life; you need to be the same in mine.
  • Waiting In Line – Open the door. Let me in. It’s quite simple. You will not make me wait because I am a blessing to your establishment and you know it. Don’t make me upset.
  • Raggedy Shoes – Oh my gosh! There’s a recycling bin for those. Payless is downtown somewhere.  I’ll give you a ride.
  • Asking For Permission – I. Can. Not. Stand. Waiting for someone to reply to a request of mine.  For me, life is like an ATM, I put my request in, it spits out what I want. If you can’t recognize the value in giving me what I am asking for I will get it from somewhere else. If you’re smart, you won’t deny my request.  Making me happy will benefit you later.
  • Trends – Oh wow. Thank you so much for buying me the jacket you saw Nicki Minaj wearing on the VMA’s but, um, I’m sorry honey, I don’t follow trends, I start them.
  • Powerless Women – You make me want to cry. You have all of these powers yet you aren’t even aware of them, much less capable of using them. You consistently give your powers away to him, to him and her. Why? Why would you do that? Don’t you know that you can have the life you always dreamt of if you just took your power back?

Please, let me help you. Join the Alphanista Inner Circle. Change your life.

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  1. Renee says:

    As a alpha, I think of it more in the sense that everyone has a place in the world. Trends, unaccommodating men, waiting in line… They all have a place in the universe and they serve a purpose. It’s possible to meet THAT man while in line if your personality is open to it, as opposed to pouting in line. Each occurrence is an opportunity.

  2. Joreather says:

    Waiting In Line… I’ll wait I have emails to catch up with and I don’t want to rush my turn.

    Raggedy Shoes… Shoes don’t make me

    Unaccommodating Men, Asking For Permission, Trends & Powerless Women … are part of the ebb and flow of life. Why bother being worked up.


  3. Te-Erika says:

    So True @AroundHarlem Alphanista does not equal bitch. But really…this article showcases the things and situations that could happen to TRANSFORM an Alphanista into a raging bitch. It shows we have temper tantrums and frustrations too. Even if you disagree.. It’s cool with me. Disagreeing is not one of the things that frustrates/annoys/enrages me. All my best!

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