The Alphanista Manifesto For 2009

One of my favorite photos on the blog, an "alphanista" in the making, never stops until she gets the trophy, love her posture, too. Get it, girl!

(No new posts today because of New Year’s Day)

Earlier this week, I asked several of you to post your themes for 2009!  We don’t do list of goals, too pedestrian, too easy to skip and feel bad all over again.  We are about being proactive around here mixed with a little bitchin’ about life now and then.  It’s about using our own power to have dominion over our life, our thoughts, our goals, and our dreams.  2009 can be just another year.  No one said you had to go out and build a skyscraper, rescue a baby, or save the whales.   Choose to name 2009 something you can handle and organize your life around that theme.   Keep it simple, keep it manageable, keep it memorable.  Below are some themes from Alphanista readers. I also threw in a few news ones.  These all have their own special meaning to the reader, but maybe you can derive own.

See yours?

The Year of Growth and New Opportunities!

The Year of Over Indulgence in Self’!

The Year of The Harvest!

The Year of Renewal, Restoration and Reconnection!

The Year of Transformation!

The Year of Increased Income!

The Year of Spirituality and Fitness!

The Year of “The Ring”!

The Year of Let Go! and Let God!

The Year of Manifest Destiny!

The Year of the Star Player!

The Year of the Takeover!

The Year of Order!

The Year of  “Yes”!

Mine is the “Harvest” because I’ve done lots of action oriented plans in the last few years, that I am ready to sit back and see what I’ve given birth to and what is birthing on its own.  Without anymore dibbling and dabbling on my part.  So, whether it’s the Year of “yes” where you’ll say yes to more, transform your self concept, or just let go, and let God, do it your way, nobody else’s.

Don’t forget our Free Teleclass is tomorrow and the “Let Go” ebook is available for purchase which many of you have grabbed already.  I hope you found this blog helpful, especially in getting through the rough patches of the holidays.  It’s only 2 months old, but with your help, it’s received more than 10,000 unique visitors.

In the meantime, savor each minute of 2008.  You don’t know what awaits.  The best gift is the present.

Thank you for the support!

Happy New Year.


  1. Heather S. says:

    @SherryBerry I am with you! for 2009, a blueprint, every successful person had one, it’s not magic, it’s magical

  2. Sherryberry says:

    The Year of the Takeover, I like that one a lot; it sounds very Alphanista. I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited about the upcoming year. So much has happened for me, to me that I want to see how it all unfolds this year. I know that I wrote about it being the year of Transformation; but, I also think this will be the Year of Foundation, meaning that I have to make necessary changes to set my life up and lay down a foundation for success. I finally feel like I am the architect of my life and I am capable of making The Blue Print (Like Jay Z, lol) for a very successful life.

    Happy New Year, Alphanistas!

  3. Nancy says:

    yes, loved the TG Single’s Table post! Tonight there is no single’s table because I will be home with my food and friends. Thanks!

  4. Loving a bottom B says:

    Glad to see I made the cut. I was thinking of changing the theme because I didn’t get a position with a company I wanted to be with but reading my theme again reaffirmed to me why I originally picked it. However even failure I am able to grow because my name is able to grow within industry and will open new opportunities for me in the future.

  5. Divine says:

    Glad mine made it! It was last year\’s too and I see no reason in changing it. It\’s \”Just Fine!\” Maybe that\’s a new theme? Have a blessed!

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